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May 12, 2014


Mr. Carey, I, for one, am very sorry to see your blog "fade away." I didn't find bluegrassbulletin.com until just 4-5 months ago, and I felt I had finally found a forum that was honest and had no agenda beyond people knowing the truth. You have given me many things to think about , and have even shocked me with some things I had no idea about. I have went and looked up some things you said because it just seemed it couldn't be that way, and each time I came to the conclusion you were correct. As a matter of fact, I was one of those "beguiled into supporting the new politics," but after looking into facts I can say that's no longer the case. (Of course, now I really have to research even more as to who and why I'm going to support someone:)

I can understand your frustration with the direction we as a country are going, and share it. Too many times I feel we're surrounded by people who have no idea what's going on in this country, and are completely content to sit back and just enjoy the ride. It amazes me, even in my small circle, the number of people, who are completely ignorant of even what's going on in our state, let alone the country or the world. As long as they are getting a paycheck (or welfare check), they stick their heads in the sand and care about nothing else.
My husband and I are in our mid-50s and we have seen this coming for many years. We dread what our children, and especially our grandchildren are going to face. We have a 13 y/o daughter, whom I homeschool, and even in our church she is very different.; she's polite and respectful. She can't discuss what sitcoms are on or who is hooking up with who in the entertainment world. Instead, she knows what's going on in the world, and in politics. She knows who is running for local offices, and our state offices right now. She knows who we're voting for and why. She knows what the Bible teaches and she is a Christ-follower. She doesn't watch Tv, but she reads and she listens.

If I could convince you to continue I would. I did want you to know you've made a difference for us. We appreciate your honesty and the desire of your heart to make people hear before it's too late. Perhaps you are here for such a time as this. I encourage you with Gal 6:9. There's no doubt God has a plan for you. Thank you.

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