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April 11, 2014


Republicans need to run a primary opponent against Massie. The kid is nuttier than a burlap sack full of hamster scrotums, anyway, with his "free the milk" nonsense.

Massie is focused on some national ideological agenda. He is doing nothing to represent the people of his district. His job is to go to Washington and be the voice and the activist pursuing the things his voting constiuents want to see done.

How many of them care about raw milk, hemp or libertarian ideas like decriminalizing heroin?

Massie is there as part of a national movement to transform the nation into a liberal/libertarian way of life. He is willing to let the Russians, the Chinese and the Radical Islamist gain more ground, more wealth and more power world wide and sees no threat in that at all.

The guy is an off the grid, doomsday prepper with a head full of conspiracy theories and goofy ideas.

How you people let him back in office is beyond me.

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