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March 04, 2014


A bit too much generalizing.

First of all ... "We"?
I think you mean the U.S. Government foreign policy. Stay clear of lumping. I am not part of your "We" and you are not part of my "We".

Second ... What does the Monroe Doctrine have to do with our Eurasian foreign policy? That is a stretch. Kerry was speaking at the Organization of American States regarding the level of influence the U.S. has over the other Western Hemisphere American states.

Third ... Leading is not synonymous with military action.

Fourth ... Obama is neither an isolationist nor inept. Too simple a conclusion.

Fifth ... If you are going to enter this arena, nobody is going to listen to you unless you have a solution. "Act with boldness and deliberateness" is merely a cliche. S P E L L it out.

Pretty well written, but my guess is that you are still too young to have matured ideologically. Remember, you are sending my sons and my daughter over seas to die for YOUR country (and mine too I might add). If you are going to do that, it better be for a very very good reason.

Winning a pissing contest with Putin doesn't measure up.

God Bless.

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