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November 08, 2013


I am glad nobody reads this blog. They might get the impression that McConnell is something different than the disgusting Harry Reid seat sniffing sell-out that he is...

You ought to take a look at how others are seeing Mitch Marcus. Here's just one quote that echoes what you said earlier about how Mitch is going to have trouble in Northern Kentucky:
"In 2009, McConnell slowly strangled the Senate career of his home-state colleague Senator Jim Bunning. Fearing Bunning was too weak to win, McConnnell’s team leaned on people not to donate money to the incumbent senator, which dried up his financial base. The move was supposed to pave the way for McConnell protégé Trey Grayson. As we now know, Senator Rand Paul intervened, rocking the Kentucky establishment and beating Grayson — and proving that the McConnell machine could be beaten."

I wouldn't be too cocky either Marcus. Mitch's election isn't a guarantee.

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