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November 29, 2013


Senator Mitch McConnell has been the biggest fraud on the people of KY for decades. The only support he give KY was pork barrel money. Money he stole from the tax payers. When he was forced to stop the pork barrel, the people and voters learned who the real McConnell was. A fake, a LIER, that did nothing for the people. KY lowest in education, health care, jobs, housing, etc. McConnell has been the big LIE and now the voters are seeing that. McConnell will be defeated in 2014. You can LIE for only a time, before the people get smart about the agenda of McConnell.

So Marcus,

You are going to keep pushing the already proven false accusations of Mitch’s campaign? About Bevin lying on his application or claiming to be an MIT grad? Really? I mean if that is all they have on him, well that might explain the job rating of McConnell right now.

These accusations have already been proven false, and everyone admits it… but you will keep allowing it on your posts? Humm?

It would be one thing if these had not already been proven false.

Read What Fact Checkers Have to Say:
FactCheck.org calls McConnell's attack ad FALSE.

PolitiFact calls McConnell’s attack ad FALSE.

Washington Post gives McConnell’s first ad three Pinocchios.

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