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August 09, 2013


When Matt Bevin, a Tea Party member, announced his opposition to Senator Mitch McConnell, Bevin sounded like a Democrat. He regurgitated all the negatives Democrats throw at McConnell.

Bevin spouted the “been around too long” barb at McConnell just like the Democrats do. As a 75 year old, I don’t appreciate that comment. It’s a slap at anyone who has been “seasoned” in life, so to speak.

Mr. Bevin’s campaign has brought to mind the rumors floating around about how “liberal” Democrats are registering Republican and joining the Tea Party to sabotage Republicans. Maybe Bevin is a mole.

Tea Party leaders like Senator Rand Paul have endorsed McConnell. Those who haven’t are making a big mistake. By not endorsing him, the Tea Party is in danger of losing its credibility with Republicans.

The Tea Party has been making three big mistakes.

First, many Tea Partiers spend their time attacking Republicans when they should be attacking Democrats. Seldom have you heard them attack Senator Harry Reid. Instead they attack McConnell.

Second, Tea Parties inject candidates into Republican primaries, defeat the Republican Party candidates, and then lose the general election to the Democrats. That happened in four US Senate races: 2010 (Colorado, Delaware and Nevada) and at least one time in 2012 (Indiana). Those four seats were within the grasp of the Republican candidates, but the Tea Party interference gave the victories to the Democrats. The Nevada Tea Party got Harry Reid reelected.

Third, the Tea Parties need to understand that they have to win the general elections in order to accomplish their objectives of limited government, free markets and fiscal responsibility. Those are the objectives of all Republicans, Senator McConnell and I included, by the way.

Tea Parties win can primaries because of the high number of conservative Republicans. But, their extremism makes it difficult to win general elections because their extremism drives centrist and moderate voters away. Their poor judgment and lack of support for Republicans has gotten Democrats elected. It makes Tea Party people look like Democrats.

Now, with Bevin and his Tea Party supporters attacking Senator McConnell, there is the danger that could happen in Kentucky in 2014. We could end up with a Democrat in the Senate. Perhaps, that is Bevin’s intent. Perhaps, Bevin is really a Democrat in a Tea Pot.

Ho hum....nothing to see here for Kentucky voters....simply foder for blogo's....move along nothing to see

Monday or Tuesday they will reach a mutual agreement to part company.

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