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August 09, 2013


This is naive to the extreme.

You are assuming that the election system functions as it originally was envisioned.

During any given election cycle there are usually around 150 federal races that are decided by less than 5 points.

Excluding the president ... 5% of all the races account for 80% of campaign expenditures.

Assuming that money codifies the base and that there is at best 10% of the electorate that will decide an election and that both parties know exactly who is the 10%, are you beginning to see how naive this is?

Even if you assume that election fraud does not exist, all you need is an ad that effects 6% of the voting public to win an election. If you add election fraud to the equation sometimes it is a single percent of votes that decides an election.

Now assume that 99% of all candidates will find a justification to vote for corporate welfare if it affects their political or personal coffers.

Do you still think we are the government?

Now remember that you don't have to own property or be smart to vote. Every person over 18 can vote. Usually about 20% of the voting public is what is considered a "sophisticated voter".

Also, don't forget that in most states you need to be either a Republican or a Democrat if you wish to get elected, so the choice is either A or B ... either or ... it is not a multiple choice option.

And finally, in the recent past, the entire electorate received all their political information from less than 5 media conglomerates.

Our current election system did not simply randomly evolve to where we are now.

Being involved in Party Politics your entire adult life, you of all people, should understand that the government is not us. The government does not even work for us.

One of the most overused and incorrect cliche's I have ever heard is that in politics, because of elections, "we get what we deserve."

But on the brighter side of things we have the internet. Those margins are being pushed by a percent or 2 each cycle and the cost to buy an election, as a consequence, is parabolically rising.

Soon, it will no longer be cost effective to buy a law.

That is when things get really exciting.

And I am going to be alive to see that.

God Bless.

Ted Cruz and Rand Paul take unfair advantage of all those X-Files fans who think the show was a documentary. Intellectual honesty from either of them? Not in the forecast.

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