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July 02, 2013


Truly, that would never happen with Mitch. Mitch's soft hands could touch only silk. Mitch is an illustration of the phrase "out of touch," he'd never dirty his hands in, say, a warehouse. And for Mitch to perspire? Fuhgeddaboutit! Party aside, I want someone who is in touch with Kentuckians and understands real world issues. Mitch is not that someone.

Oh come on Marcus, you know what is going on here. Mitch needed an opponent to freeze the field on the left side of the aisle. He knows that Alison wants to be governor. Mitch never wanted to be governor he only wanted to own one.

Do you think that he and Jerry are above being able to make a deal that she gets in the race, takes a beating and then Mitch helps her in 2015 by giving her a weak republican opponent?

That's why she's not happy about this whole thing and the worst part is that Mitch will reneg on the deal, deny he ever made it and figure out whether a republican he can control can beat her. If so, THAT'S who he will back and she will get screwed without a kiss goodbye again.

It's the McConnell way. Just ask Trey and Ernie and Jim Bunning.

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