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July 17, 2013


I wish to make a prediction.

Snowden wishes to be tried. And he will be tried.

And he will be found guilty.

And he will receive the most severe sentence possible.

And I will be glad, because I know what will be the result. Snowden will have essentially sacrificed his life for freedom. He will become a martyr and he will rot in jail and yet he will know what he has done. A very troubling situation if you are Snowden and your intentions are not pure. A very liberating situation if you are Snowden and your intentions are pure.

The world will change because of this outcome. The idea that true freedom will be won in the first ever peaceful revolution will have won a tremendous victory (its first victory), because the reaction to his conviction will be more civil disobedience and not violence.

Additionally, Snowden will be tried quickly if he is in absentia and it will take as much as a decade to try him if he is actually obtained and extradited within the year. And if he is tried and convicted in abstentia he will turn himself in after the conviction if his intentions are pure.

God Bless.

For the record ...

I do not justify Snowden's actions.

The guy broke the law. He has committed civil disobedience. He is well aware of this and he is aware of the consequences. He has committed a criminal act and he knows it.

But he is also a hero. His agenda seems to be pure at this time and I have a feeling, history will judge this man as having pure intentions.

I do have a question for you ...

You seemed to have overlooked the key point I made in my point.

Snowden's intentions revolve around the illegal domestic snooping that is going on. He did make a small blunder and created a talking point surrounding snooping on foreign sovereign powers and I think he realizes his mistake. (But then again that may have been a Guardian agenda and not his. Afterall the headline was about bugging foreign government officials in London.)

My question is this ...

Is the proof that he provided regarding the domestic survaillance in which our government is currently engaging worthy of praise and jury nullification or should it be ignored and punishment should be rendered to the maximum extent of the law?

God Bless.

P.S. At least you did not go down the "aiding and abetting the chi-coms" path again. Maybe an old dog can learn new tricks.

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