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July 01, 2013


This war will mentally and psychically damage a whole generation of Syrian children. I hope all the people using this conflict to advance a political agenda burn in hell...

"As we reported last week"
We? Do you have a mouse in your pocket or did this come straight off the Monday 6:00am fax?

"We know that Saddam Hussein had weapons"
Again with the we? And ... I thought this was debunked by none other than Secretary of State Powell. There never was any WMD. After we invade Syria are these weapons going to migrate to the next middle eastern country that we wish to invade?

So our lack of action is partially to blame for the beheading? Does that mean you do believe the the theory of blowback?

Fear mongering, demagoguery, propaganda, and outright lies.

Are "we" already in campaign mode? Because if this is going to be the MO your old/new party affiliation is in big trouble.

People see this for what it is now. The ethernet is a wonderful thing.

God Bless
[Marc's Reply: Haha ha. Mouse in pocket. Haven't heard that one in a while. And Colin Powell is not a reliable source in my book. Blowback describes when we do something that makes our enemies angry. As far as I can tell the Obama folks are arming the guys who are cutting off heads. Don't think Blowback covers this. Thanks for the comment.]

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