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July 19, 2013


I think you were a fool to fall for Obama's racist statements regarding Trayvon Martin. Obama isn't a Christian, his pastor Rev. Jeremiah Wright said he was never convinced he left Islam, and he doesn't say things to appeal to the masses. Obama is a racist who only wants to divide the people. Obama has a truckload of supporters who have very unpleasant ideologies like Kevin Jennings who founded the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network and he often speaks to appease them.

I regret that the president had to use this case and the stupidity surrounding it. It went far beyond justice and too many people treated it like a sports event between rival teams, i.e., UK v Tennessee. I discounted racism through Obama's first term -- but it's as if we've regressed to about 1958. Some are intentionally or wantonly fomenting racism with tea shirts like "Yup, I'm a racist" or starting out conversations by playing a reverse race card. I'd like to ignore it =- I can't, I must expose it.

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