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July 02, 2013


Yes, money matters.
Yes, incumbancy matters.
Yes, McConnell is the favorite.

But not by much.

And if he gets primaried, that edge will go to even odds.

I only see one advantage that McConnell will have in the general election that could win him the election.

A Rand Paul endorsement.

And depending on how hard Mr. Paul chooses to campaign for McConnell, he could also hand him a defeat.

I see this cycle as a win/win for Paul.
Let's hope he knows how to play the quid pro quo game.

The level of promises made will dictate whether Paul will sit on the sidelines in a primary race and how hard he will campaign for the Senior Senator in the general.

Paul will be blamed for the defeat and be credited for the victory.

If I were a politician, that is the seat in which I would want to be.

Paul, most likely, will have a campaign to run in 2016. Might as well get started now.

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