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June 11, 2013


Let's remember Robert Oppenheimer - his attitude and thoughts as to use of the A Bomb. Imagine this scenario: "Dateline: 1943, Tokyo: "Robert Oppenheimer, outraged at the US Manhattan Project and development of an atomic bomb, leaked news of the top secret weapon and its destructive potential - then ran to the capitol city of the Empire of Japan, a government he claimed would protect human rights and him."" And then comments from Massie, “I’m not a lawyer, but based on what I know so far, I don’t think he should be prosecuted,” Kentucky Republican Rep. Thomas Massie, a self-styled libertarian, told Paul Winchell and Army Archerd on Monday."

Are we to see Massie continually apply his pop constitutionalism to every complex issue when he demonstrates he is so far out of his depth on these issues? For example, Massie totally misunderstands and misconstrues whistleblower status and how that is applied. Then there's the 'whether or not it's authorized by congress remark' and Massie's conclusion the activity is illegal. Amazing in the width and breadth of his lack of knowledge on these issues ... Massie's limitations are on display and it's not pretty.

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