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June 25, 2013


You say in your header you're giving respectful comments on politics, but you call the President of the United States Barry? I think you should re-evaluate the premise of your blog, and update that header of yours. [Marc's Reply: Well there was "Jimmy" Carter, "Jack" Kennedy, "Bobby" Kennedy and "Bill" Clinton and as we all know, his informal name, the one he used all his life was "Barry". But thanks for the comment.]

There's no War on Coal - that's a industry fabricated lie spread by Republicans in congress. It's the shame of the UMWA they fell for it in 2012. What's happened to coal is that natural gas was over $15 per million BTU in 2005, but last week it was $3.85 per million BTU. That and advances in technology. The real war is the industry War on Coal Miners, the psyops of the fake War on Coal and the direct frontal assault of Patriot Coal in bankrupting obligations to their employees. Oh, and violating safety regs with impunity.

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