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May 31, 2013


I used to go to the Lincoln Dinners. In fact I went a lot when you were in charge. Now the crowd is very different. I see a lot of the fringe people there who are Ron Paul kooks and conspiracy theorists.

I don't see many of the old Reagan, Bunning, McConnell crowd there anymore. In fact the new faces are more like groupies than donors.

Oh, and the few big money guys who are there these days look a lot like the kind of men you'd rather not do business with, unless of course they helped buy you an elected position.

You hit the nail on the head Marcus. This is one reason why I no longer participate in the republican party.

Some of the people in the TEA party are there because it is a fad. Some are there because they hate the kind of America Obama wants.

But some of the ones I met are just nut cases. If you are not in lock step with them they consider you the enemy.

The TEA party isn't tolerant of differing ideas at all and I got that impression very clearly at a local event and stopped participating. I think a lot of other people have done the same thing.

If they want to take over the Republican Party, let them. But there will not be enough TEA party voters to win elections without us true Republicans so they better find a way to soften their approach.

Didn't Mitch just get the KY TEA party endorsement?

[Marc's reply: I don't think so. http://wfpl.org/post/irs-scandal-endures-kentucky-tea-party-activist-split-mitch-mcconnell

Thanks for the comment.]

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