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May 13, 2013


Marcus...newly hired IRS agents were sent to our farm in 2010 to 'check' our H2-A immigration records. The agency we use to process our papers notified us of them coming and stated, "they are looking for ways to fine you." I was outraged! 'Looking for ways to fine us?' Let's see...we legally bring migrant workers to help us on the farm. The KY DOL closely monitors every step of the process, including inspecting our housing, paperwork, etc. We pay fees for all steps to be done as dictated by the Feds, so what else could they possibly do? Well...the IRS 'agents' showed up, did nothing more that our DOL inspector does, then chided my hubby for: 1) beds not 12" off the floor, and 2) the screen door did not latch properly. I complained to Sen. McConnell's office about this waste of money and intrusion of privacy. And let's see...how many farmers that use ILLEGAL WORKERS got a visit from the IRS? Zero...zip...nada. Obama is turning the IRS into the next Gestapo...harassing honest, tax-paying citizens for obeying the law! God help us.

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