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April 19, 2013


And how the hell do you explain THIS!!!??? WATCH THIS VIDEO!!! I just found out about this through another website that was questioning the police version. If Dzhokar ran over his brother, then how is it possible that this guy (who looks like his brother) is being shown naked, apprehended, and put into a police car in this video!

Thank you for posting what a lot of us are thinking! I am by no means a conspiracy nut but I do have several questions surrounding this whole tragedy. I am glad the 2nd suspect was captured alive, hopefully we will get some answers and he was not taken alive solely for the purpose of preventing him from being a martyr. I do believe these brothers may have somehow been involved, however I am not convinced that they were acting alone or possibly been used as a diversion or pawn. And tell me, if the younger fled on foot, how as the media has reported, did he get to that boat injured (as the blood the homeowner saw would indicate) weighted down with handguns, rifle, ammo & bombs without anyone seeing him?
This kid, after the bombing, went to class, parties & hung out with friends prior to being named as a suspect...how many 19 year olds could pull off a bombing attack that captured the attention of the world & then go on with life as normal without being freaked out & fleeing the area? Where did they get the money & resources? Why didn't they leave the city? The older brother, maybe he knew or was more involved, maybe he was an informed "player" in this plot or maybe a paid decoy & maybe that's why he is dead! Who actually took him out? The claim is he was injured & the younger brother, driving a dark suv, "accidently" ran over him & dragged him while making his escape...hmm, something about that just doesn't sound right to me. Anyone else have questions about that explanation? But the younger, I question whether he wasn't used as a scapegoat? For those that say why would he engage in a firefight if he wasn't guilty, well others questioned by the police said they were fearful for their life...maybe he was as well that they would kill him no questions asked? I'm not defending these brothers, I'm just reserving judgement until all the facts & questions are answered...if that is possible. Like I said previously, I'm not one of those conspiracy nuts, I don't believe West, TX explosion was a missile attack as some are claiming, it was a horrible accident...but this, this I have a lot of questions? And what was going on while the whole nation & world were watching the manhunt media coverage? I hope we get answers but I don't know if we will...this kid has already been tried & sentenced in the public eye. An overly majority of people wanted to see him killed rather then captured alive...I'm glad he was captured alive & I hope he stays that way! At least if he was actively involved, we have a chance to find out who was behind & funding the attack & maybe identify others involved..and then if he is guilty, he deserves the death penalty!

The only evidence the public have been given is CCTV of one of the men with a back pack walking past, then a picture of the same man walking past the bomb victims (with only his head shown, no evidence of him putting the bag down or still wearing a backpack) then finally a picture of the man running away from the bombing however again a woman's head is blocking the half of his body which he was carrying the backpack on.
There is also a picture of the same man in the alleged robbed store with again only his face and hooded jumper shown, there is no great evidence of a robbery.

There was also a shoot out with the police where the men were allegedly throwing home made bombs made from pressure cookers, although there is no pictures of the blown up pressure cooker as there was after the original Boston bombing, there is also no injured police officers and the corpse shows no serious injury that would occur from a bomb being strapped to his chest and blown up.

And as for the man knocking his brother down with the 'hijacked car', how did his brother get out of the car in the middle of a police chase?
As he is only 19, it is understandable why he was in hiding, obviously because he was scared.

Unless these answers are given, I refuse to believe that these two brothers were able to plot and bomb Boston.
To add on to this I am neither a conspiracy nut, I am merely someone who goes by the facts and evidence given and there is by far no where near enough evidence to suggest these brothers bombed Boston.

I have found the most worrying aspect of this case to be the contact by someone/an office in Russia, (I assume they're the equivalent of a CIA or FBI agent or agency)to someone in the FBI in 2011 warning that the older suspect might be "trouble". How in the world was this not followed up? Why were the authorities not able to link his picture from the video or stills from the bombing/post-bombing event to whatever the existing file had for a picture/pictures in 2011?

This whole thing could've been avoided and quite easily if the FBI would've been on the ball. And speaking of the FBI, talke a look at the case of Paul Kevin Curtis and tell me why you think he's guilty or not. The FBI thinks, apparently, that all they need to do is a simple Google search and bam, they have their man. Does that not speak to how easily someone could've framed him?

WE were also told that only the LIVE suspect is an American citizen as of - get this - 9/11/2012, so only several months. His dead brother apparently was not yet a citizen, but protected by asylum status.

The whole story on MIT campus, the death of the police officer Sean Collier is also fishy and has several versions. Also, they have sinced canned a store robbery story, that the only "robbery" was the hijacking of the Mercedes SUV. But that the cop was just sitting in his car and shot "executed" for no reason? Not in response to the 7-11 "robbery call" apparently, since there was no robbery at the 7-11. They just happened to be shopping at 7-11. Maybe the cop was there to get coffee and he recognized their pics form the media release? Then they shot him and scared themselves into hijacking a car? And how is it that they were carrying all that ammo/ieds/bombs/guns before hand? Because they would have had to be carrying it all around before they hijacked the car.

I also wondered all day how they treat the houses they went into that might have drugs or other illegal items in the houses. Or did they just put a check by that address for later search and seizures? My friend and I laughed about how all the drug dealers (and you know there are drug dealers, there are many many college campuses there) were probably pissed at having to flush product with the announced sweeping searches. The younger suspect was thought to get high on pot now and again (like most college students)so I joked how they ought to just find pot dealers and let them go find him, because it would be in their economic interest to do so.

Actually Dhzokar's twwet was written at midnight April 15th. So many hours before the bombings at the finish line.

Thank you for this! I have thinking the same things all along and I don't have a law degree.

What about the "house to house" search? Were they entering homes? Did they have warrents? What happened if you said no? People were "encouraged to open their doors only for uniformed officers". What if you didn't open up?

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