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April 26, 2013


Marcus: The Kentucky Secretary of State and Kentucky Attorney General are mandatory parties, as set forth in our complaint, under state law. The Governor was named because he has the ability, and is the only person with the ability, to convene the state legislature. Kenny Brown and others lobbied the state house to enact redistricting for the past two sessions. The Northern Kentucky legislators tried to get the remaining legislators to pursue redistricting last session, and it was ignored. There is a substantial chance that the House will enact an unconstitutional plan -- the current plan they are proposing is unconstitutional. Obviously, the Plaintiffs are not only members of the tea party. They include a social studies teacher not at all associated with the tea party. As you note, there are a number of political rivals who are Plaintiffs in the suit. But all of them share a view that Northern Kentucky is not getting a fair shake.

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