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February 05, 2013


This guy is an all out faker. He told a bunch of people that he and his wife don't even drink alcohol, in fact he said that he doesn't even take aspirin.

But I've seen him drinking quite a bit in public places. I've even got pictures of him draining a beer, with plenty of empties sitting around him.

I don't care if he drinks or not, but he shouldn't have gone around telling people he was a "tea-totaler" and out right lie to people.

How did republicans let this happen?

OK Marcus, so in the "preceeding year" he had farm income of between $15,000 and $50,000 and separately he had "royalty income" of between $15,000 and $50,000 from those patents that you claim are worthless. He hasn't worked for a paycheck (been beholden to someone else for his income) for 10 years. As a result he has likely been able to spend a lot more time than most of us with the people he loves and doing exactly what he wants...some would consider that the very definition of success/wealth. [Marc's Reply: Nice spin, but you miss the point. I didn't claim his patent was worthless, he did, look at the form. And I didn't decry how much time he spent on his farm. The point is that these filings reveal that the narrative about him being a wealthy businessman was a substantial embellishment. And it now appears that on what could have been as little as $30,000 a year in income he hasn't been able to finish the house he has been building for over 10 years. So if this is a guy who is supposed to have made a lot of money in a business more than a decade ago but who now it appears has spent it all and needs a government paycheck, then maybe the truth about him calls into question whether he is the right spokesman for getting our nations financial house in order. It's not about his personal life, it's about what now appears to be the clearly embellished public image of himself that he allowed to be created which calls into question his trustworthiness. Thanks for the comment.]

Just another GOP phoney !

I know you don't like rumors but in Lewis County it was pretty widely rumored that Massie was broke so he ran for Judge Executive and after he won the primary he was able to get a loan to help get him through until he got his first paycheck. I've heard a lot of people say he missed his first loan payment.

It is also common knowledge in Lewis County that while he was away campaigning for Congress his wife would come to get his paycheck as soon as it was available. Now if you are wealthy you would think you could wait maybe until you got home from your apartment in Florence, but if you really needed the money you'd send your wife after the paycheck.

You might also like to know that a lot of people think that Massie keeps the farm in his father in laws name because his in-laws are old enough that they get a homestead tax break.

And while he is away in Washington DC his wife is going around trying to get somebody to bring her firewood since the house he built has no public utilities. That's right, he's off in Washington and has left his wife and kids out here in the cold.

I think there is plenty of evidence down here that you could find to confirm that he was broke and needed the job, which as you say, isn't a sin, but fooling people is.

Did he take out a loan in the summer of 2010 for between $100,000 and $250,000? That's okay, a lot of people take out loans, but hadn't he just become the nominee for Judge Executive when a local bank gave him a loan of maybe a quarter million dollars? Was that to run his campaign? Do we have his reports? And why is it still outstanding? Kinda reminds me of that $150,000 loan Geoff Davis kept on his books that nobody knew where it came from. Massie is still carrying an $80,000 loan to himself on his campaign books for Congress.

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