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December 17, 2012


Actually a few of the idiots have good points... and ones I agree with (although that wasn't their point they do make a good point).
I DARE one of these scumbags try to come to an NRA meeting, gun range, gun show and try this crappola. They would last about 3 seconds (I think I can draw my gun that fast).
You will notice that in all of these crimes they usually happen in a gun free zone. I wager if we made a sign that said, "NRA meeting at this school today" there would NEVER be a criminal think they could attack that school on that day. Heck, I think we should arm the teachers and put a sign outside that says, "there are 20 under cover armed guards in this school at any time, DO NOT Come here to commit a crime"... END of problem, they won't be seen as a soft target anymore and there will not be anymore crimes at these "gun free zones".

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