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December 21, 2012


Marcus, I'm a DailyPaul user and read your criticism of Rep. Thomas Massie. We (outside the district) supported Thomas because we knew he was not going to Washington to 'go along to get along' and bring the pork back to the district. That's exactly why we supported him. As you well know they refuse to cut any spending in D.C so you're going to have to pay a toll on your new bridge. Thomas will be working hard to balance the budget so maybe there is actually some money at the end of it for the people of Kentucky rather than borrowed dollars that have to be paid back by all taxpayers. He's doing an excellent job and we expect him to be there for many years fixing the budget and holding the failed GOP leaders to account!

[Marc's Reply: You miss my point. His use of the words "turd sandwich" were planned. Listen to the interview. He tried to inject it once before he got the chance. That is poor conduct.]

Boehner's plan _was_ a turd sandwich. Sure, there are other adjectives to describe it, but all of those adjectives that apply and adequately describe the plan also are less appropriate for a public forum.

Meanwhile, Boehner is in trouble. THe conservative base is turning against him. It started with the railroading at the RNC, and it continues with the betrayal of the Tea Party. The Republican establishment is only making things worse for themselves; which makes things easier for me, so I thank them for that.

[Marc's Reply: You miss my point. I don't care what you think or speak in private. As a Congressman you owe it to the public to speak in dignified terms even with regard to things with which you disagree. His use of those words was intentional and is further proof that he is more interested in getting attention and making waves than getting anything done.]

Look, Massie's 'class' isn't really the issue. It's his view of the world, the nation and the economy that concerns me. Boehner's Plan B was an abortion from the beginning, it wasn't serious and it was meant to provide the GOP cover - and it failed. Massie promised to vote for going over the Cliff on multiple occasions - didn't the voters in the 4th District understand or hear? We're going over the Fiscal Cliff because Thomas and Louise are driving - with the kids safely belted in the back seat of the TEA Bird. The price to pay is in the $600 billion from the economy in the form of tax increases, a 12% unemployment rate, a GDP decrease of 5%, a Tea Party Downgrade II over the debt ceiling and a recession to be laid at the feet of the GOP/TEA failure to engage in serious discussions. But, hey - Don't Blame Me - I voted for Adkins.

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