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November 02, 2012


I'd just like to point out the fallacy of saying that I cost Crosbie the race. Republicans like to blame others for their failures. There were several factors to Crosbie's loss.

Probably most importantly, the top of the 2011 Republican ticket took 3-to-5 points off of everyone down-ticket. He had a 60% negative rating in Kentucky before he entered the race!

Additionally, more people didn't vote in the Treasurer's race than votes that I received; so it's logical to say that the people who chose not to vote in that race were more responsible for her loss than I was.

And, I've about made up my mind that if the General Assembly doesn't act on it, I'm going to take another poke in 3 years.

Additionally, you're mistaking the Campbell County GOP's excuse to purge certain people from the process (the Red Stars were inequitably applied), with the people who believe in ballot-access-equality (Ds and Rs need 2 signatures, everyone else needs 5000 signatures?). And you can be upset about that, but that drumbeat is picking up steam. Everyone knows it's supposed to be about candidates, not parties; and everyone knows that legislating different standards on different candidates is wrong. Except for the partisan hacks, who will defend it until their dying breath.

So ...

If one is a life long card carrying conservative Republican residing in a swing state and ...

The Republican candidate for president isn't sufficiently Republican enough or conservative enough in your mind then ...

your advice would be to stay home or vote for the Democrat thereby reducing the time frame for a potential Conservative Republican to enter the fray from 8 years to 4 years.

I completely agree. I am glad you have finally recognized that "Party" means absolutely nothing.

Please don't ever use the "party" argument ever again. It will be dismissed by friend and foe as a hypocritical argument from this day forth.

God Bless.

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