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October 19, 2012


Let ur true colors shine...arrogance is his middle name. I will not be voting for TM just b/c he's a repub. I am actually undecided if i can pull the lever for that race at all. :(

This guy is still hanging out at TEA party meetings? What about all of the other people in the district he will be representing?

Sounds a lot like that 47% thing if you ask me.

I still don't know what this guy is going to do in Congress.

Mr. Carey, why haven't we seen word of this shake up in the Massie campaign anywhere else? You are exactly right to bring it up and Moffett just confirmed what everybody is saying, Massie is taking the voters for granted.

As one news source pointed out, to the many democrats in his district, and even to many republicans, he is a complete unknown. For him to avoid debates, never show up anywhere that the room isn't filled with his Ron Paul friends is more than a little rude, it is the display of inexcusable arrogance. Moffett just confirmed it by saying that they don't need anybody day to day because they've got this thing in the bag.

How freakin hard can we make these people fall?

I see from Facebook that Moffett must have a Google Alert set up for himself and jumped right on your blog post. You are exactly right, people have been speculating why he left just as they are still speculating why Geoff Davis stepped down.

For Moffett to get in your face like that shows how thin skinned he is. Never gonna be gubnah Phil, get over it.

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