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October 23, 2012


"Not only is our nation being divided, but our party is being divided. And while people like me have no problem speaking out against the policies of the GOP which we think are wrong, we don't throw down our arms, run from the battlefield and join up with another army in the middle of a raging war which threatens the very survival of our nation.

There's a word for such behavior, and the men who run from battle. There's a word for men who fire upon their own "to save them".

Does Ron Paul hurt or help? I think he has answered that one for himself pretty clearly.

And for those who think like he does, you have been defined by the company you keep."

That is a pretty clear quote if you ask me.

There are more, but you know this already. Massie won the primary. So where is your party loyalty?

[Marc's Reply: Where's my party loyalty? Right where it always has been. Glad you found a quote that shows my consistency in calling them as I see them. As you will recall I said that in the context of Ron Paul's outrageous suggestion that republicans want perpetual wars, don't care about warrantless searches or presidents who assassinate people. Not really the same context, but thanks for remembering me.]


Aren't you going to endorse and support Massie?

A Republican on the same team as you?

After all, isn't that one of your biggest criticism's of Ron Paul?

Lack of party loyalty?

[Marc's Reply: No. One of my biggest criticisms of Ron Paul is lack of sense.]

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