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October 03, 2012


What the 'Ron Paul' foreign policy beatniks do not understand is an ideology fails when applied as a foreign policy.

I hate it when you do this.
You always pull the guilt by association card out when you have nothing else.

Yes, Paul and many progressives agree on foreign policy.
No, there is no vast Communist Conspiracy.

It begs the question …

Since you are so wrongly suspicious that Soros is behind the curtain pulling strings on the Ron Paul Marionette, and given the fact that it usually “takes one to think they know one”, why did the Bluegrassbulletin pull out this piece of propaganda originally published in January in an effort to minimize his Iowa caucus showing?

Are we trying to make this a close race and marginalizing Paul is one of the strategies in play to get his people to vote Romney?

Just an FYI … It ain’t going to work.

Our foreign policy in the Middle East is the biggest failure that AMerica has ever seen.

Ron Paul is right.

ANd shame on you for playing the Soros card. Israel sending you a stipend?

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