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October 25, 2012


My email address that I provide to you each time I post is my personal e-mail.

But I think you are missing the point.

Party, Party, Party

Disagree on issues ... disagree on policy ... on politics ... personally dislike the man, but a Republican is always better than a Democrat.

Those have always been your sentiment.

Why change now when it comes to Massie?

There is no way to dismiss your hypocricy.
There is only one out.

"This one is personal for me and therefore I grant myself an exemption just this one time."

That is the only thing that seems rational and you are excused (at least by me).

But that opens up a can of worms, doesn't it?

God Bless.

You said that lack of party loyalty is not a deal breaker. In fact you are helping the Democrats with your criticism and your refusal to endorse and support Massie.

So I am trying to figure out what your beef is with Massie.

Is it because he is a bad campaigner? He won the primary. And he is probably going to win the general. Isn't that all that matters? You yourself said the winners get to set the policy and that winning in politics is everything.

Is it because you don't like his politics? You sympathize with much of the Tea Party philosophy.

Jealousy? I think you are above that.

Because he is a Ron and Rand Paul acolyte? I don't think you would be so petty.

So what is it?

[Marc's Reply: Actually since I think your comments are very intelligent I would be willing to answer your final question privately via an email exchange which I would trust your opinion to tell me if I should publish it or not.

But as to the others, let me say this.

You ask: "Is it because he is a bad campaigner?"

Yes I do think he is a bad campaigner because he has failed to introduce himself to the people he will represent and instead chooses to hang with a very small circle of "yes men".

You said: " He won the primary. And he is probably going to win the general. Isn't that all that matters?"

No. Winning an election is not all that matters. For a recent example I submit exhibit A: Barack Obama won an election.

You asked: "Is it because you don't like his politics? You sympathize with much of the Tea Party philosophy."

Yes it is in part due to his politics. But it would be far too shallow of an answer for me to leave it at that without explanation so let me at least say this much. His "politics" lacks experience with the real world, places far too much emphasis on truisms rather than practical reality, is disconnected from the life experiences of thousands of real people he will represent and relies predominantly upon an attitude which is a mirror image of the elitist attitude on the left. What I have observed is pretty close to the kind of arrogance which gives the impression that he knows what is best for everybody.

You pondered: "Jealousy? I think you are above that."

Jealousy? No. I am very comfortable in my own skin. I envy no one, nor do I desire his wife, covet his house, his field, or his ass, or any thing, as anybody who knows me will attest. Deuteronomy 5

Then you asked: Is it "Because he is a Ron and Rand Paul acolyte? I don't think you would be so petty."

Of course it is not because he is a Ron or Rand acolyte. I am a big supporter or Rand though we may disagree from time to time.

But I am not a big supporter of Ron Paul because, well unless you haven't noticed, his time has passed.

But I do think that the Ron Paul "movement" has given a sense of power to a legion of half wits with just enough information about history, the Constitution, human nature and the role of God in the world to encourage them and zealots like them, to celebrate their own ignorance of things as if they are the only enlightened ones in the world. And the one thing that they are the most ignorant about is how they have been intentionally exploited by people in the Ron Paul machine (who are much smarter than they are). This exploitation has caused these zealots to do exactly what the "movement" wants them to do, and often even on cue (e.g. money bombs). It is sad to watch people so full of potential squander their lives by becoming addicted to rhetoric while the "pushers" of that rhetoric are the only ones getting rich.

I've always been an independent thinker, not a follower. I think Ron Paul's movement is very much like a cult. It takes advantage of people's fears, insecurities and preys upon the gullible.

Now in so far as your last question is concerned, "So what is it?", as I stated above, if you share a real email address with me I will share my deepest concerns about him with you privately.

Thanks for the comment.]

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