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May 23, 2012


Now is your moment Marcus.

Will you step up to the plate ...

Or will someone else do it in your place?

The road for the party will have less bumps if you suck it up and make inroads towards unifying the party.

If you don't step up to the plate, the party will be challenged in 2013 and 2014.

I wish you well on your journey.

And ... either way ... God Bless.

[Marc's reply: Thanks Scott, and this is exactly where I wanted to be but before I can help there has to be a negotiated truce. Will the TEA party folks who say they want to be part of the GOP abandon their threat that they will not support the party nominee if their choice doesn't win in May? I cannot imagine unity with those who openly vow to do harm to the union. Second, there are some ideological differences which give me pause. I will not compromise my principles regarding right to life or the definition of marriage by way of undue emphasis being placed on the 10th Amendment. I believe that certain human rights and values deserve national protection. I will also never accept that I must abandon my support for Israel by adopting a "non-Interventionist" view of foreign policy. You and I have had this discussion before. I do not accept that we can never act to prevent harm pre-emptively and I think Israel not only deserves our loyalty and support for moral and historic reasons, but for strategic ones as well.

I would love nothing more than to help make our party stronger, but I see a divide over some things as deep as that between the Arabs and the Jews. And you are right, for there to be any progress at all, it will indeed require the blessing of God.]

I do not beleive the people truly realize what they have elected. I have met Mr. Massie on several occasions and he does not perform well under pressur or without a script. He does not play well with others either.

I have been to several tea party meets around the state and have become well acquinted with the people. I am however, embrassed that the tea party was bought so easily. The 4th district was bought and paid for with superpac money. There were much stronger candidate, more trustworthy, harder working, and less privledged working men and women. The blow out I witnessed was nothing more than sheep being herded. I had high hopes for this election but the ignorant voter once again put America with a weak candidate. Massie even stated " I will be the freshman congressman. I won't have any pull." That is not what we need. A guy simply taking the back seat we need a fighter.

You forgot to say, "Congratulations."

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