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May 10, 2012


I thought Libertarians and Republicans wanted the same things. The difference between Republicans & Libertarians is the Republican have become too liberal. I am a Republican & sadly most of the elected Republicans have as of late appeared to be more interested in appeasing their Democrat counterparts than fulfilling the duties their constituency elected them to fulfill. If Republicans had been true Republicans their never would have been the need for the Tea Party & Libertarians.

[Marc's reply: No. The republican party has had more than its share of glad handing, back slapping, RINO's and those without a core of conservative values. I freely admit this and have railed against them. I think if you've been a regular here you know my record. My problem is that a new movement, not truly conservative, but in some ways very liberal, and in my humble opinion, somewhat anarchist, has gained momentum. I am a strong fiscal conservative who believes that our republic can only survive in the hands of a moral people. Much of the appeal of the new "libertarian" thinking is divorced from morality in the name of liberty. I don't think our founders would approve. Thanks for the comment.]

My definition of a RINO is a politician that campaigns as a Republican but works so well with Democrats when they get elected. Indiana Sen. Dick Lugar is one example and in my opinion, Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell is another. I have supported Thomas Massie because he was endorsed by the Tea Party and while I don't approve of everything that Libertarians stand for, I think Massie is more conservative than the other candidates in the 4th CD. I also supported and admire Kentucky Senator Rand Paul and thinks he is more Republican than most of the politicians in our state.

[Marc's reply: More conservative than the other candidates? Please compare my record with his and share with us all how you come to your conclusion please. Thanks for the comment]

This is the same kind of thing they did with the Rand Paul race tons and tons of out of state monies. People coming in from out of state setting up residence and voting then leaving and moving on to the next state. That my friend is how they work. This not only smells fishy but I think I smell are rat, too. They want us to believe there is a young kid from Texas who is a Libertarian giving someone he dose not know $700,000.00 bucks for a Republican race . BOLONGA !!!!!!!!!!!!
I might have been born at night but I certainly was not last night. I have said THOMAS MASSIE IS not a Republican he is just like his master Ron Paul a LIBERTARIAN running as a Republican HE IS THE "RINO" IN THIS RACE And I Pray to G-d people in the 4th district figure it out before it's too late . Someone needs to do a little bit more digging there is no telling what they might find!!!I don't want a LIBERTARIAN in the White House representing me , one is too many already.

For the record, the CJ story you linked itself answers the first question, "Why would a college student have $700,000 of his own money to begin with?"

"John Ramsey, a 21-year-old student at the University of Texas in Austin, who works along with his brother and sister managing investments left to them by their grandfather, a banker"

We are not tired of Republicans, we're tired of RINO's. We want true conservatives in Congress and I know Marc Carey to be a true conservative. He has my vote. Keep up the good fight, Marcus. God bless!

I agree Mr. Carey. Why can't people read between the lines? I know (or at least thought I knew) TM personally (as in--even before he ran for any election, and not just at TEA party events)and let's just say I am sad in how he has chosen to do anything to win. Send the media (not just his favorites that get his press releases and then run them) to see what's really going on.

You continue to attack Thomas Massie. He is a good man. So what if he supports Ron Paul and Ron Paul supports him? Ron Paul has a revolution underway in this country and you can't stop it.

People are tired of republicans. We need more libertarians in Congress and I know that Thomas is a libertarian at heart. He was a big supporter or Ron Paul a long time ago.

You are a republican Mr. Carey and we don't want more republicans. We are taking over your party and we will put our people in office everywhere even if we have to run as republicans (puke).

Quit trying to help the republicans. Republicans are as bad as Obama. In fact what's the difference?

Not sure what Mr. Massie's response would be, but based on his answer to every other question he's fielded, I'm sure it will begin with "Did I mention I have TWO Degrees from MIT?" Yeah, somethin's rotten in the Bluegrass, by way of Texas!

Okay, Mr. Carey, you raise some interesting questions. I think the college kids as a front thing was a bit over the top, but you are factually correct, and I see where you are coming from. They are often used as fronts in places like Iran. That's not to say somebody couldn't think of ways to use them here too, but since you are just asking questions and not making allegations, okay, fair question.

Now as far as the kid having lots of money, I read that he manages an inheritance. But I agree, having $700K to throw at one election, particularly one so far from home is a bit fishy.

I like how you left it up to us to decide. You will catch some grief for this I'm sure, but getting people thinking is a good thing.

Keep up the good work.

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