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April 26, 2012


I wonder if Marcus has figured out that every time he puts out a hit piece on Massie his supporters donate $10. It's called the Marcus Moneybomb. When I heard about it, I laughed harder than I laughed in a long time.

To the person that asked, the reason Louisville is involved is because eastern Louisville-Metro is now in the 4th District.

Everything you have pointed out about Massie is true but I don't believe the Paulians get it or it's like the senate race when about 20 people tried to point out similar things about Rand. Everything fell on deaf ears. I was totally shocked yesterday when I pointed a good friend to the Page One. Her first response was, "well look who's writing it" . Truth is truth , no matter who writes it. She has no problem with lies , her defense of Massie was he needed a hand up like anyone starting a business. Seriously , I know plenty of people who started businesses without a hand up from anyone. I believe Bill Gates and Steve Job were college kids too when they started Microsoft. They did not get a hand up from anyone. Dell started in a garage in Texas. They sold shares in the company for 100 dollars for 10 shares. I have a very hard time wrapping my mind around hypocritical thinking. Do the Tea party people see things only through rose colored glasses when it comes to their candidates. They give them a pass on just about anything.
I am beginning to see the TEA party more like a Militant group of misfits then a group of activist for the common good of both Kentucky an America.
I feel like putting up a billboard that reads , "ANYBODY BUT MASSIE"!

Personally I don't see what you are doing as an attack. And I don't read this website looking for you to campaign. It has always been a place for you to educate me and entertain me. I like that you bring things to my attention that I wouldn't probably see otherwise. Don't let them get you down Marcus. A lot of people are counting on you.

[Marc's reply: Thank you. But don't worry, I never let them get me down. I've had to live through some of the worst stuff life can throw at you and I didn't get into this race as a newbie. I knew what to expect and from whom and it's part of the process. Thanks for the comment]

This one is for Bernie, it is regretful the tea party seems too well greased for endorsements. Also what's up with a Louisville tea party involving itself in this race?

If the Louisville tea party were carrying out its good mission, it would focus on the severe apathy in its own backyard.

Mr. Carey,

Have you vowed not to take a congressional pension like Thomas Massie has?

If you haven't, then you should take all the criticism and point it back at yourself.

[Marc's reply: No. Vowing not to take a pension is pure grandstanding. A Congressman pays into a pension plan and into social security. He is not entitled to a pension until either reaching the age of 50, but only after 20 years of service, or at any age but only after 25 years of service. Since we have both promised to term limits, neither would qualify under this plan. However, a Congressman can receive a pension after 5 years of service after reaching the age of 62. It is 1.7% per year. Not really a big deal, right? No, what I vowed to do was to take a 30% cut in pay and a 50% cut in expenses until we achieved a balanced budget, and I did that on day one. Ask Ryan Alessi. He has the tape. Will Massie do the same? I doubt it. Any more questions?]

You just don't get it do you Marcus?

Massie doesn't have to tell anybody anything about himself because he has been knighted by Sir Randcelot.

The TEA party people who are lining up behind him are so desperately looking for someone to pay attention to them they would ignore smoke from the chimneys of Dachau.

Most of these people are social misfits who were shunned by the GOP for good reason: they are fair weather friends.

The one thing you probably should watch out for though is how quickly they will turn on you. I know you made friends with some of them but don't count on them being your friend if you continue to point out flaws in their chosen candidate.

You don't have to turn on any of them personally. In fact any support you've given any one of them won't mean a thing if you don't fall in line and support their man.

So be careful. You might end up losing some fair weather friends in this contest, even some of the ones who you might have thought you could count on because you helped them in the past.

Just a word of caution.

[Marc's Reply: Thanks for the comment. I've lost fair weather friends in the past. You see, what some people don't know is that running for office has some distinct advantages. One of them is that it helps you sort people out. It helps you know how to deal with them in the future. Thanks for the comment, Bernie]

Dear Marc,
I'm currently trying to decide which candidate i want to vote for in the may 22 primary. In this contest we have candidates that have a variety of ideas,many of which all republicans can agree with but i read your articles and see you only attack or provide information only on one of your opponents. Why only show information on one candidate?
Thanks for your time,
Chase Anderson, Highland Heights

[Marc's Reply: Well if you truly want to learn more I would encourage you to read back through the archives on this site and you will see a great deal of information which you might find helpful. You might also visit my campaign website Carey2012.com or you could visit my main website MarcusCarey.com Why does it appear that I am concentrating on only one candidate? I've done articles about all of them at one time or another. Lately Mr. Massie has been mentioned more in the press and this blog is a place for commentary on political issues. Thanks for the comment.]

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