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April 02, 2012


We are not entitled to police the world.
As for foreign aid; not one penny of foreign aid is used to improve the life of any of the peoples of the world. It is used to pay interest upon intentionally bad loans by the IMF and World Bank to those countries and not a penny goes to the principal, which is why there is an ever increasing amount of foreign aid. Not only are we saddled with an interest baring fiat currency, but our nation's riches are being robbed through the misconception that we are somehow saving the peoples of the world not paying tribute to the international bankers. Plus we are paying the lion's share of support for the UN a foreign entity proven to be an enemy of our country.
As for Israel, no country on the planet has committed more acts of aggression against the United States over a longer period of years than Israel, going back to the New Zionist [Ashkenazi] terrorist groups [2] before the establishment of Israel [that became the core of the Mossad]. Anyone who studies the Talmud, book of the orthodox Jewish [sic] religion has to see the parallels with the Quran. As one Israeli told me, "The only difference is who will rule the world and exterminate their definition of 'infidels.' I am Hebrew not Ashkenazi orthodox." A very illuminating statement coming from a native born Israeli don't you think? What became of the "Hebrew" religion? When did the Hebrew religion become exclusively the Jewish Religion? What became of the Torah? Guess that is what Jesus meant when he said, "These are not my people," referring to the Pharisee Priests. Maybe we are too easily sold on statism. To be free means having the courage to allow others to be free.

In the long term and short term Ron Paul does more harm then good. I agree with the author that Paul's fiscal policies are sound and his stance that the Fed needs to be investigated and audited is not only necessary but way past due.

That said almost everything else he stands for are in some cases naive but downright dangerous.The worst part is that he "attracts" some of the most despicable groups and their minions to his Paulian cult.

Let's add a point that many seem to overlook. B Hussein was elected despite his nefarious past and associations. Many said they didn't know and if they did wouldn't have voted for him. In a way the same applies to Paul. His supporters are some of the real dregs in the American society and it's well known and documented. He attracts antisemites, white supremacists. the KKK and the list goes on and on. His claim that he's not responsible for who supports him is a garbage claim cos the fact is that he does and they wouldn't be so loyal if they didn't believe he was of the same mind. Yet, the ronbots cling to this squeaky midget as if he's the Messiah. Remind you of someone else?

These are the people running around and claiming discrimination when they lose or things don't go their way. These are the people who claim to be victims when thing don't go their way.

They use the Muslim's tactic of becoming professional "victims". After a jihadi massacres children they are afraid of the so called "backlash" (which never happens) in order to distract from the heinous massacre.

Ron Paul and his ronbots do the same thing within the Republican party. They become "victims" whenever things don't go their way.

They are in my opinion using the same tactics of the Muslims Ron Paul loves and supports and they have the same agenda of domination but in this case the ronbots want to dominate the GOP. Stealth and creeping jihad within the conservative movement while they are anything but conservatives.

So not only doesn't Paul and his ronbots help they hurt the GOP in the short term and definitely in the long term. They aren't true conservatives and can't be depended upon to support the GOP nominee who ever he might be when their imp loses.

I do not like the Libertarian Republican that the Paul's brings to the party. They were Libertarians and as Ron said ,he knew he could not get elected running on that ticket so he "REJOINED", the Republican party. Remember he resigned and sent in his registration card along with his letter of resignation. These people idolize Barry Goldwater , He moved from being a real conservative to a God hater and loathed social Conservatives, he too embarrassed legalizing prostitution and drugs during his years in politics. The libertarians are more liberal then the liberals and a lot more dangerous . I have said it before and will again . If they want to be Libertarians then so be it but stop trying to call yourself a Republican when we all know your not. Underhandedness and deceit,are OK as long at it's them that are doing it. There is also a hint of militant air with these people too, it's their way or no way. I was always told when while I was growing up, a half truth is still a lie. If they ever get any real power it will be like the wild west! Any thing goes. Personal liberty does not mean you can do what ever you like just because you want to do it with no resistants.

Hey there Marcus Carey:
"Your comments, frankly, are despicable, dishonorable, uninformed, unhistorical, anti-intellectual and, frankly, un-American. But I respect your freedom to make those statements, because they were purchased with the blood of all of those who served."

You may recall a couple of months back that I told you this was going to happen. This is the Mobilize & Confront strategy that's been taught to Paul and C4L activists for the last 4 years in action.

However many times it takes, the GOP is going to learn that it will not win another major election unless it nominates Ron Paul or a candidate in his image: one that pushes sound, commodity-backed currency, free (not coroporatist) markets, civil liberties (no PATRIOT Act, no NDAA, no Military Commissions) and a non-interventionist foreign policy (no pre-emptive, undeclared wars, no foreign aid for ANYONE).

That's the deal. That's the new normal. We've already got our foot in the door and constitute 10% - 20% of the GOP base, depending on what state you're looking at, and we will not simply fall in and support the nominee if said nominee doesn't support ALL of our platform. Politicians aren't influenced by people who vote for them even if they don't do what they say they're going to do.

They're influenced by people who will cost them elections if they don't get in line. OUR line.

I know you don't like it, I know you think we're wrong, but frankly we don't see that we have anything to lose. The bright side that I see is that 4 years from now, when Rand runs for President, you'll be on our side, and we'll be happy to have you, because while you may not think that Rand stands for all of the same things his father does, we know he does. If it simply takes a re-phrased version of the same positions coming out of a different Paul's mouth to get you onboard, so be it.

Looking forward to working with you then.

I wish you didn't think the 9th and 10th Amendments are invalid, Marcus. Also, it's not reorganizing the party, it's restoring it. Santorum said he's happy that the party moved away from Goldwater Republicanism and the Ron Paul people are trying to bring that back. Would you rather have a Rand Paul or a Trey Grayson?

[Marc's reply: don't jump to silly conclusions. Obviously I don't think the Constitution is invalid. It's just that I remember hearing Kruschev vow to take us over and I've read their play book which was revealed by a former communist. It specifically provides for the destruction of morals and the plan to addict our youth to drugs. I come from a time when we were not so gullible and see these problems with a broader perspective. It's a national security issue. And I made my choice, I backed Rand. Thanks for the comment.]

Never support bad Republicans because it just makes them worse.

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