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February 14, 2012


Would it not be preferable to allow the maintainance of the existance of a fairly stable though repressive regime socially and civilly tolerant in the middle east then actively side with Al Qaeda to overthrow it, establishing in its stead a diaspora of Coptic Christians made destitute by their new Sunni overlords? [Marc's reply: It looks like Mrs. Malaprop is alive, well and hasn't learned to use spell check.]

Americans should only be put in harms way for the interest of American Safety.

To use the force of the state to risk American lives for the interest of another nation is the real act of cowardice.

If the regime is a threat to its people then you (as a private citizen) should absolutely work with organizations getting aid and supplies into the region but it is absurd to think that you would put American soldiers in harms way for the interest of another nation.

While we agree that aiding a defenseless people is a good and moral action, I think you should reconsider the notion that you must use the force of the state to do so.

How would you feel if you were to get a call that your son/daughter had been killed in a war that was not in the interest of American safety?


You are pulling out all the stops lately.

And we should all know that if Paul were president, and if war was declared, he would invade Syria.

Would he campaign against the declaration? Absolutely!!!!

Would he execute the war if declared? Absolutely !!!

That, too me, would require the greatest courage of all.

And that is what distinguishes one as a constitutionalist as opposed to a pacifist.

God Bless.

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