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November 09, 2011


It takes tremendous courage, insight, and humility for a man cloaked in status quo, partisan garb for over 40 years to simply choose another path leaving his network of friends and associates behind because he has seen the errors of his ways and reject the notion that a fork in the road at this stage in his life should be left for others to take.

You made that choice almost 3 years ago and now it seems that you changed your mind and turned around.

It makes me sad. I will say a prayer for you tonight.
[Marc's reply: Sorry Scott but I don't follow your logic here. Left what path, turned around how?]

Maybe you should blame David Williams for the huge loss. After all, he is the one who has pushed a liberal agenda in the Legislature the better part of the last three decades. Witness his vote for KERA when all the other Republicans said NO. Senator Williams resurrected and passed the nanny state seat belt law. Now he is out to trample property rights with his State wide smoking ban proposal. And it is Senator Williams who has given us the billions in bonded indebtedness in this Commonwealth. This man brought down other good candidates with his antics.

Thought you were naming names today??

The rpk rules changes were definitely bad timing. But one of the main points was supposed republicans signing third party petitions. Some on the tea party side felt it shouldn't be held against somebody for "opening up the process", but today we see that it probably cost KC Crosbie the treasurers office. That's a pretty substantial consequence for people that want to be a part of GOP leadership.

Well said.

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