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June 08, 2011


It pains me to support someone who supports Glenn Beck, but I totally agree with your assessment of most of these consultants.

The only thing any of them have ever made a profit on is "teaching" others how to make money doing the thing they couldn't make money doing!

Marc, seriously brother, why pursue this road to unhappiness? your obviously not enjoying your self. New media and social media is NOT for everyone...

I think you should shelve (shit-can) your online project (which in reality are actually intangible) and work with people in real life - your obviously articulate and talented - don't waist your talent on projects you don't really have the love for.

I hope to see you find happiness and enlightenment brother.

Positive vibrations, AKA Byronious

I "went to the mall"; however, they had closed my favorite porn store.

Now I play on my computer all day surfing for new smut.

The supply is endless on the net; thanks to new technology.


I understand your remarks, especially the part about how easy it is to feel left behind and the obsession with so many people wanting the newest bell and whistle. Same thing applies to cars, boats, houses and what we place in them - you name it. I've been observing this mentality for decades so I don't think this is limited to just the tech age and our young people. Consuming has been a way of life in this country since post WWII. But I see it differently than you do...laying at the feet of the Socialist. I assign this to the Capitalists. For many reason (pro & con) corporations started shipping the manufacturing overseas because wages were so much cheaper and the profits then became bigger. We both agree money drives most of the decisions in this country and the world beyond. Those decisions have left us as a primarily service industry. I distinctly remember this being predicted back in the 70's long before computers, IPhones, and IPods. Sadly, it's come to pass and here we are today...America shops for recreation. I'm guilty myself. When 9/11 happened the President told us all to "go to the mall" in order to get back to some sense of normal. Sad normal, eh? No, I'm not convinced that this phenomenon is a result of socialism. It's a result of greed. As always, your friend Gayle.

While I agree there is a lot of technology ydont need or don't necessarily need when it first comes out just for the sake of 'having it', there are many, man uses of newer tech in the legal profession. The iPad is a perfect example of changing the way lay is practiced thrugh efficiency and ease of doing what was once a complicated task.

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