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May 27, 2011


The only flaw I can see is that mainstream Republicans have no interest in changing the party. The Purged Four in the House and the self-purged DeMint in the Senate will lead Rand to become the Michelle Bachmann of the Senate.

I'm from Canada.
Wow! straight-up stand-up on Senator Paul.

Congratulations Kentuck on the pick.

Amazing to see a man who stands on principle instead of politics! Support the Pauls, both in deed and contribution as much as you are able.

I get so angry at our elected officials, they say one thing and hope people don't pay attention to what they really do. infact I am upset with the american people for too long allowing these politicians to do what they do. But I will always respect Ron and Rand paul. they are consistant! they practice what they preach! Praise God for these patriots.

I cannot believe that both senators from TEXAS voted for this bill... we have little hope left. The debt ceiling raise will be the last straw for some of us. We have to keep fighting for liberty in non-violent ways, while there's still time.

Although a Tar Heel, I wish to congratulate the People of Kentucky and commend Senator Paul on a job very well done. The exemplary courage and controlled determination presented a face seldom seen in today's political arena (with the possible exception of Senator Paul's father, Ron).

Again, as a Tar Heel, I am truly ashamed of my state's senators vote on this measure and many of my fellow countrymen as well these days. It seems people are more interested in American Idol than they are in America's future. Thank you Senator Paul, your words give me hope.

This was just a warm-up for what's to come when the Debt Ceiling comes to a vote! Sen. Mike Lee-Utah and Rand are gonna do the mother of all FILIBUSTERS that will bring this government to its knees!! BE READY!! All hell is gonna break loose when this happens!! The media and Big Government-types will DEMONIZE Rand and anyone else who dares suggest we follow the Constitution in Washington D.C. And from the ashes...a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC will arise (can't wait)!!

hoorah for ron paul!

Awesome post and summary. Thank you and thank God we have the Paul's in Congress and Senate.

I'm with Rand.....again.

What an excellent article!!!

Truth is stranger than fiction. Never would I have believed that such tyranny exists in the hallowed hall of the senate chamber. Never would I have also believed that Senator Rand Paul would be the lone voice of support for the Constitution, when all of them swore the same oath of office. Tyranny has infected these elected officials. They truly have lost their way and have also lost their moral compass. Does Harry Reid know the penalty for his treasonous behavior?

Thanks you for writing this story.

Mitch McConnell did all he could to keep Rand Paul out of the Senate, because he knew Rand wouldn't just shut up and play ball they way that a lackey like Trey Grayson would.

I'm hoping there's another Ron Paul Republican ready to step up and beat him in his next primary. It's time to bring an end to McConnell's far-too-long career of public disservice.


A++. Outstanding article.

This vote show how many liberal gun grabbers we have in the Senate Republican caucus. I just watched a you tube video of Saxby Chambliss explained his reason to vot against Rand Paul and that just made me sick. A so called conservative that supports the FBI and any government agency to look at gun owners' records at will. He might as well change his party affiliation after that vote.

There's a WaPo story on this showing how Rand was the ONLY one who got amendments heard although Leahy wanted his heard, and is considered very powerful, and didn't get it, and Wyden basically wimped out when McConnell objected to his (Wyden wanted made public the 'secret' interpretation of the law the White House has and actually uses, and says it is pretty alarming what it is but since he learned of it in his work with intelligence he doesn't think he can say.).

McConnell objected, Wyden basically said 'well, I don't want to cause any trouble...' and went away.

Meanwhile, Rand felt he had a raw deal only getting a vote on his amendment if he agreed it would take 60 votes to pass, so while he agreed to it, he also went to the media standing at the door and told them all about it.

I thought that was pretty rebel. :D

Very pleased with the guy right now -- the rest of Congress (outside a few) not so much.

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