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June 28, 2010


George Bush said everyone can work that wants to work! I guarantee you that Nobama will NOT create good permanent jobs or ones that don't have the aim of undermining this country, economically, politically, freedom, etc. EPA, TSA, no drilling, high taxes, communism, high gaso, 1 of 9 children raised in a muslim school in indonesia, wanted Egypt to be more open in elections especially to the only other group, called the brotherhood also based in London known to those who know as the most radical muslims in the world. Don't think they are not here! They all need sent home!That is why the election went the way it did, muslims and commies out!!!

And I'll take it one diabolical step further...the well was blown up on purpose. Suspected this from the beginning. Pieces are falling into place as with everything else about Obama and Co.

The point is Mr Megrahi did not carry out the bombing of Pan Am 103

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