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May 09, 2010


At a Harvard University IOP celebration of Sen. Ted Kennedy in 2006, Trey Grayson was asked, "What made you want to get into public service?"

Here's how Trey started his answer:
"For me I'm the, to paraphrase Jimmy Buffet, I'm the son of a son of a banker."

Not only at his dinner table, Trey learned his smarmy campaign lying tactics from progressive liberals like Kennedy, too. At Harvard's Kennedy School of Government, the Institute of Politics (IOP).

He told the assembled Kennedy crowd that day about how much it taught him when became involved at Harvard:
"And I said, 'Tell me about this IOP place.' And I spent a lot of time to really get involved."

"That got me into campaigns- the nuts and bolts side of campaigns. And when I graduated and decided to come back to Kentucky, an interest in running for office it was, played a large, large role in that. And actually I see my role as Secretary of State as kind of the extension of this because here at the IOP we wanted to get the people engaged in the- students engaged in the politics of public service.

So it's sort of the natural progression to become Secretary of State, and it started here at the IOP."

Trey Grayson also oversaw an election at Harvard where votes were miscounted, and voters for an opponent were not allowed to cast their ballots.

He learned his craft at the knee of Left-Liberal IOP shills. Part of that craft involved switching parties from Democrat to Republican. Don't believe for a moment he is a conservative.

This endorsement should not come as a surprise to anyone reading this blog over the last six months.

Concerned Republican,

Rand Paul hasn't flip-flopped on coal. That's ridiculous. He said it's is dirty, which is true. When he was asked on a TV interview, he said again hydroelectric and solar energy are cleaner, but they are too expensive. Rand still supports coal from a property rights perspective.

Apparently a politician has to lie about coal and deny the plain fact that it's dirty to win your vote. Well, I guess it's better to not have it!

I find it interesting that "lorinda3", who I regularly see traveling around the blogosphere defending Rand Paul, is so focused on smearing Lisa Grass and anyone who disapproves of Dr. Paul that they fail to acknowledge that there are many others in KY who see through the deceit of the Paul campaign. I am neither Lisa Grass nor a former supporter of Bill Johnson and have arrived at my conclusions based on a wide variety of resources.

As for integrity... take Paul's flips on coal, RU-486, KYRTL, Israel and the list could go on. Anyone can find them on the internet without having to depend on Grayson campaign ads. But sadly, most people are too disinterested to make the effort.

I don't want a senator for America I want one who represents KY. The other states already have 2 each to represent them. That in itself should be enough to not support Paul. He's not interested in KY he wants to be President and he'll use whatever means he can to follow that ego trip.

I'm not a prophet nor a soothsayer but if KY ends up with Rand Paul as our senator this state will have lost out at a time when it could cripple us for years to come.

We got Obama because everyone wanted change. We'll get the same wrong type of change with Rand Paul should enough people be deceived by his lies.

Great story, great Constitutional candidate, with no baggage or axe to grind.

There are no party affiliations when it comes to supporting the Constitution. Rand Paul will be a Republican second and Constitutionalist first. That is why the GOP is very afraid of another Paul in D.C. Neither Ron nor Rand Paul are corruptible, and that is why the GOP is so afraid.

Thank you for writing this great story.

I have to say that I honestly believe that I consider you an expert in all things KYGOP. I believe that you've seen a lot of candidates come and go over the years, and that you did your homework before coming to your decision. This endorsement means a lot for that very reason.

One the posters named "the Observer" and "Concerned Republican" Lisa Graas, whom has an irrational hatred for Rand. No matter how ofter she is proven wrong, no matter how often she gets hypocritical with her standards intertwined with her emotional dislike of Rand, no matter which of the candidates she likes that endorse Rand, she still hates Rand and its extremely irrational. I remember when I first spoke to her, she said that she only disliked Rand Paul for supporting his father's bill "the sanctity of life act" introduced by Rep. Steve Stockman, and told me if he clarified that position she would endorse, but now that Rand's view goes beyond that bill, Lisa now finds any excuse (including where he eats his breakfast) in this entire universe to hate him. Its really sick in my opinion. If you notice how they say "Rand's ego trip" or Rand has "no integrity", but they never give specifics, other than the "KYRTL controversy" which has no proof and their hatred goes before then. One of those posters is Lisa Graas/GOP Mommy and the other one is another former Bill Johnson supporter... GO FIGURE, HUH!!???

Keep it up Marcus, you have done a fantastic job!!!

Excellent write up, Marcus. It's been known to me who the best choice in this race has been for a while. While Trey Grayson's supporters might say that he will be Kentucky's senator if elected, I believe that Rand Paul will be America's best US senator if elected. Strict adherence to the Constitution will make him so.

Marcus- Great post as usual.

"With Rand Paul Kentucky republicans get a man who says “I Will”, with Grayson they'd get a man who says “Me Too”."

Sums it up. Might have to steal this!

Great job Marcus. Many of us R's out here have become so disenchanted with the McConnell wing of the party that we have decided to sit back and watch. Let's see, Mitch, Cheney, and Rogers are all coming out in support of Greyson. That says a lot about the needed changing of the guard. The one thing all of these guys have in common is that they are all big government republicans. Hopefully Trey will get the endorsements of Lindsey Graham and John McCain this week so we can call it a clean sweep.

Oh dear!

Rand yes, hell yes...but, let's also hope we can clean out several of our county court houses as well.

very forthright analysis. One key thing to go look at is the video interviews of these to men by the courier...contrasting those 2 interviews should be a "no brainer" to see the huge disparity of intellect and reasoning.

Excellent - Excellent - Excellent... You hit the nail on the head, as usual!!!

Did integrity not factor into your choice? Rand Paul has campaigned on flip flopping and pretending to be something he is not. The fraud against Kentucky Right to Life in falsely calling them liars repeatedly, even going so far as producing and releasing a fake document to try to smear them and destroy their reputation indicates the motivation is purely a quest for power. That is one of many examples of that kind of dishonest behavior out of Rand Paul. The behavior of the Rand Paul camp is clear - if you are part of the group and tow their line you will be tolerated. Otherwise, you must be smeared and be destroyed. They care no more about liberty than Barack Obama and his crowd.

Rand Paul's strong support and close alliance with Adam Kokesh is another one of many examples as to why no conservative should ever consider supporting him. Adam Kokesh has organized protests alongside marxist organizations like CodePink. He has harrassed and blocked military recruiters, disrupted along with Code Pink the 2008 GOP convention, went overseas to a military base and encouraged troops to abandon their posts and seek asylum in Germany, openly voiced support for the guy who assaulted President Bush with the shoe, organized the posting of fake posters to slander conservative student organizations, etc. Even after all of that, Rand Paul voiced support for Kokesh, appeared jointly with Kokesh in a campaign video, and had Kokesh speak at one of his campaign events, and promotes Kokesh's YouTube channel on his own YouTube channel. Rand Paul has appeared repeatedly on the Alex Jones show, a top leader in the 9/11 truth conspiracy movement. Rand Paul has also appeared on Anti War radio, where he pledged he would form an alliance with the left to cut the military.

I could continue, but anyone who has done a cursory amount of research on Paul knows he is not what he has presented himself to be in this campaign and his campaign ads. He represents politics as usual to the core - difficult to imagine a more stereotypical politician than Dr. Rand Paul, given his behavior in this campaign. Gotta hand it to him, though, his campaign has been effective and well run - although based on deception.

Marc, ever since I first met you at a 4th district Lincoln dinner back in the early 2000's I've always thought you were a man of character. Since then having made a friendship with your eldest as well as you and Harriet not only do I believe your a man of character and your word, but after reading this, your a statesman. Another quality writing job my friend.

Very well written.

The choice is crystal clear.

Please be up front if you too sold your endorsement for $550.

Excellent post Marc!

Mr. Carey,

While I've read your postings and missives over the past year or so it's become apparent of your dislike of certain Republican leaders. While there is acceptable criticism for many elected officials, on the local, state and federal levels, your latest ten "commandments" read more of a press release than based upon fact or substance.

In fact, this posting reads in many ways (absent the discussion of conservative values) just like the editorial in the Herald Leader today.

Personally, I would have never expected you and Larry Dale Keeling to agree, much less use the same points to support a candidate, but both columns use many of the same points. Both place more upon who is supporting or not supporting the candidates their actual record while in the elected field.

Regarding career politicians, you failed to discuss Senator Bunnings history as a legislator, nor Mr. Pauls father and his history. Both of which have served in some form of fashion, longer in politics than Trey Grayson was old when he was first elected.

Well, at last, you are being honest with your readers. You have done all you could to support Paul's campaign throughout this political season. There is so much that could be said in response to your post but I see no reason as you have already swallowed all of Paul's deception.

I, for one, can never vote for a person who lacks the integrity of Rand Paul. I will vote for Trey Grayson because he is a man who truly has Kentucky at heart not a personal national ego trip as Rand Paul does.

Finally, I will not be voting for Rand Paul in November should he obtain the nomination on May 18. I can not support a person who lies with no seeming remorse.

Very nice summation!

I knew you would come over to our side!

A+ Analysis as always

Based on both political positions and personal conduct, Rand is the only reasonable choice for conservatives in this primary

I can't wait to place my vote for Rand Paul on May 18th!

Amazing post!

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