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May 09, 2010


C-J did not endorse Paul. And the polls are split as to who currently has the best chance in the fall. Realistically, it's impossible to know at this point. Vote for whomever you want, but the whole "X has a better chance in the fall" argument is weak. Just sayin'...

LHL and CJ both endorse Paul. Proves what i have feared from the beginning. Obviously the liberal media wants Rand to win so they can destroy him in the summer and fall. Grayson has the best chance of winning in the Fall. I will vote for Trey.

How could anyone not endorse Paul after talking to both candidates?

Trey Grayson is just not ready for prime time. He is a nice guy, except for all of his negative smear campaigning.

SOS is a good job for him, he can't mess up much there.

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