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May 07, 2010


The answer is to skip the Senate race in November if Grayson ends up with the nomination. That is my plan.

For all the talk about being a "Reagan conservative" these days, it sure seems like alot of people in the GOP power elite have forgotten the Gippers advise to "not speak ill of another Republican". Maybe the Grayson's of the party found some small print after that statement that reads "unless you find yourself down to your primary opponent".

These upcoming primaries are as much about giving the GOP establishment types who think they have a divine right to determine who we can vote for a smack upside the head as they are in giving one to the Democrats in November.

This is just not a realistic assessment. Throwing money away is not realistic. There may be a bottomless well, but it still takes time, energy, and risk to orchestrate transactions that end up putting funds in accounts that can be used for expenditures.

The strategy is very simple. As I stated a few months ago, these "Atwaterish" tactics only work on social issues, or in the Swift Boat example, bringing out character flaws. So far this campaign has
been about fiscal conservatism and everybody knows that Mr. Grayson can’t win if this remains the most important topic of the campaign. The attack ads are trying to shift the discussion.

Will it work?
It depends. If this is all they got, doubtful. If the independent expenditures begin to reach the seven figure mark, then maybe. If Rand also makes the mistake of responding without bringing the discussion back around to the fiscal issues, then probably.

I say bring, "Bring it on". I would rather have a Democratic Senator than a soft Republican Senator. Both will be establishment shills so ideologically it won't make a difference. Politically, it makes all the differnce in the world.

Here, the GOP is tearing itself apart, and here:

the Dems are making nice to build up their brand for the November election.

Doesn't seem sensible, on our part.

You asked "Now if they were really trying to help him rather than pushing him off the wall, then considering the political climate we are in, why today did the establishment happily share the worst of its reputation with Trey Grayson?"

Because those helping Grayson from the McConnell camp are completely incompetent and clueless. They are subjecting Grayson to dinosaur tactics in a modern world.

You are right, what a shame.

I get your point Marcus, but Grayson is more the victim of a bad campaign than planned sacrifice. I think he will get some benefit from these ads but I also agree with you that if the group running them was exposed for their "Donald Segretti" like tactics, then thinking voters might reject Grayson for it. Just not sure how many thinking voters still have not made up their minds.

We're talking about the dangerous Lyndon LaRouche cult. It is a cult because of the fanatical devotion of LaRouche’s followers to his peculiar brand of Marxism, which sees the British – not the United States – as being behind economic catastrophes and world conflicts and wars. LaRouche followers can often be seen manning literature tables outside political events, including and especially 9/11 “truth” conferences.

You crack me up Marc Carey. You tell everybody that the campaign was clumsy, then tell them that in their efforts to help they knock Trey into the lap of shady characters and then you give the bumbling fools a left handed compliment for pulling off a dirty trick. What is so hilarious is that the McConnell folks can play it both ways, which I think was exactly your point. I for one am Glad you're back.

I actually think Mitch and Trey think their ads are going to pull this out!

Trey has managed a terrible campaign, if you can even call that a campaign.

Why would anyone vote for him? He is superficial, full of only GOP talking points. Shallow!

I predict he switches back to the democrat party after he loses this election and the next PRIMARY in 2011!

If no one else runs against him in 2011 in the primary, I WILL!

Good write up.

I guess I disagree that McConnell got this result deliberately, as in alienating voters. I think he wants to be absolutely sure Rand doesn't win. Odd in a same party primary. Don't you think?

But what's the point? Why create the facade of trying to help? Why not just abandon him?

I disagree. I just came across the following on AFF's youtube page. Apparently AFF's role is to just act as an extension of the the RNC and has a history of bailing out GOP establishment candidates while simultaneously attacking Democrats (in addition to the shared staff).

They ran to the rescue of establishment picks like Dan Burton who almost got beat in Indiana this week in a 3 way race (30% to 28% to 19%) with 70% voting against him. They also have an anti-Tom Campbell ad too in support of NRSC pick Fiorina.

Here's the ad they ran on Burton's behalf:

Here's the election result with Burton pulling it out by 2%

I think this is less "Trey Grayson's guys being on the same team as AFF" and more "Trey Grayson was loaned the staff from the establishment machine in the first place."

Remember McConnell & Co supported all the picks from Crist to Hutchinson to Fiorina.

For a great example of the types of people that always line up behind the establishment see Fiorina: http://carlyforca.com/2009/11/carly-fiorina-endorsed-by-senators-coburn-collins-graham-kyl-mccain-mcconnell-murkowski-and-snowe/

and compare to Trey Grayson's first bailout ball attendees http://kentuckyfight.com/senators.html

I think the operatives in the RNC/AFF/NRSC are just "going through the motions" to support their picks or else they lose *professional* credibility i.e. election losses equal *job* losses for them.

I don't know. I think the average "undecideds" who get their information from tv commercials are going to fall for these Anti-Rand commercials. They aren't going to know it's a shadow group.

Rand Paul needs lots of money to combat this IMHO.


Seriously Marc, you're a huge moron. I mean honest to God are you smoking weed right now?

So let me get this straight. McConnell endorses Trey and does a tv ad. Putting his credibility on the line. Then he illegally gets a 527 to come into KY and lay down a huge ad buy, plus take a poll that shows the race tied. And all of these actions are meant to make Trey lose.

Seriously leave the fiction writing to Rick Robinson.

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