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March 13, 2010


Eric holder is at best ,another, new black panther with an Agenda that requires "Pay Back for whitey".
At worst, Another, Marxist "Visionary"

almost forgot to say.
Ron Paul has voted against the House Resolution to impeach George W Bush.
Because it would bring chaos to this country. We love our country and we wont allow thugs like you to hijack our cause.
now go look for a communist and stay latched with him

Whats your purpose?

youre half right Mel. I am an antiwar Conservative. i do listen to antiwar radio once in a while. although I may not agree with them sometimes just like I may not agree with Glenn beck on some issues.
I also happen to agree with Vincent Bugliosi's assesment of the events
but you dont sound like an anti war Conservative to me. You sound more like an antiwar communist hippie. who loves Eric Holder. More like a code pink Anti American troop hating scum. I support the troops and I dont think that prosecuting Bush while the troops are still in Iraq is a good idea because it will hurt the morale of our men in uniform.
Now since youre an Eric Holder Obama loving socilaist. what are you doing on a Conservative blog? whats your purpose?
btw Communist America haters are not welcome in the Ron Paul movement. now you go find another movement to latch on to


Listen to more antiwar radio as many Ron Paul supporters do. Most refer to it the Bush regime due to its torture policies and fake wars.

I don't really care where they try the terrorists, and I wouldn't have blinked twice about him having worked on that case. I've been around enough lawyers to know they can and do switch sides without blinking when their job requires it.

But the omission is unforgivable.

thanks Marcus. you hit the nail on the head very early on
the problem is when we cant even hold congress accountable. when a racist pinhead like Rangel could get away with Fraud and tax evasion. do you want me to name more people?
the list is endless. then how. please tell me how will we impeach this gun grabbing socialist thug. nonetheless the chump in chief himself????

all aside. remember me calling out Mel a decade ago? on the Bill Johnson post when he said "stop drinking while blogging".
if you notice theres a pattern in his comments. he always alleges hes a Rand Paul supporter and writes silly asinine comments. Im calling him out again as a troll impersonating a Rand Fan. i wonder if its mike bryant, nate hodson, justin may or some other Grayson thug? please check his IP address. im sick of his trolling
have a good weekend Champ

Hold is the only decent one in this administration.

He's the only one who wants to hold the Bush torture regime to account. Even he is too timid though.

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