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February 14, 2010


By the way, about Johnson, what makes him different from what George Bush Jr. when he ran in 2000? Bill believes in Federal powers over the states on many issues (not a Goldwater stance at ALL), believes in the merits of non declared wars, yet we have won every declared war and have NOT won any undeclared war. He believes in the PATRIOT Act, yet we went to war with the british because British officers would write their own search warrants and make way in peoples houses, yet the PATRIOT Act does the same thing. He believes in expanded powers of the president. Also, when he first ran (go youtube his early speeches) he only spoke about him being such a patriot and nobody paid attention to what he said, but then he started using all of Rand's talking points and now hes popular all the sudden? Seriously, dont take my word for it, go youtube all early johnson speeches and watch his newest talking points. He just copies Rand Paul, I swear on my mother's life!

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