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February 08, 2010


To lordlindra3:

Thanks for being a supporter. If you have evidence that Johnson released push poll numbers, please send me the info.

I will continue to report what appears to me to be news. I think I have fairly reported on the successes and failures of each campaign as they make it to my attention. I am not here to advocate for a candidate. My focus is on the campaign, not the candidate.

I have always been the biggest supporter of this website, but now Im starting to lose faith due to the idiocy of the Johnson campaign. Today, they just proved that Johnson released push poll numbers that were rediculous! Why did you (writer) even give the time of day?! Silly Bill only invokes Reagan's name as cliche, yet I have personally challanged him on Reagan's record and he could never answer me! Wow, this is just rediculous!

On the interview:

Bill is not functioning on all cylinders I don't think.

Silly Billy and Tray both try to smear Rand Paul's answer to what he would do with the detainees we let go or can't convict!

He has never said he favored releasing convicted terrorists ANYWHERE!

What do Silly Billy and Tray suggests we do with the detainees we are releasing (we have a record of releasing them since 2002-2003)????

And the Reagan worship is a joke! He says he wants to be like Reagan but that's the last thing we need. Reagan was pro-abortion in California as Governor. He was terrible on running a balanced budget. He expanded government BIG TIME!

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