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February 14, 2010


Ronald Reagan would undoubtedly be opposed to the Paul "Sanctity of Life Act" which says the unborn are "persons" but state legislatures can regulate abortion anyway. I take strong issue with those who continue to run away from this point. Those defending Dr. Paul never address the point that the bill defines the unborn as "persons" but allows states to regulate abortion anyway. If it were one or the other, fine, but you can't say the unborn are "persons" and that states can then allow them to be aborted and call yourself a pro-life candidate. Judie Brown, American Life League, agrees with me on this. Stop running away from the issue. Paul would not be having these problems if he would withdraw his support from this ONE piece of legislation.......but he refuses.

There are several different ways to disagree with another person without attacking the individual personality. Like others, I have concerns about the Paul ideology. But attacking Dr. Duncan on a personal level shows only two things: low class and recognition that he's right to question a candidate's opinion.

If those in a position to do so had questioned the Obama candidacy in these same ways, our nation would not be in the position we find ourselves today - with an illegitimate man sitting in the oval office dictating through executive order rules that are un-American and will lead us down a primrose path of destruction. But then, that was his goal.

America has long stood for right against wrong, and becoming an isolationist nation is not right. When people like the Libertarians try to tell us to become isolationist by ceasing to defend the wrongs that we see as human rights violations, we should ALL be concerned. The liberties they espouse are not liberties - they are only ways to support negativity by giving the appearance of disapproval. The Pauls are so good at that. Ron Paul is NOT the most respected person in the House of Representatives and the reason is clear. His connection to openly racist groups gives many cause for concern. It should give you cause for concern as well.

I am not good at arguments so I usually try to stay out of them, but I will tell you this. Arguing over any topic does nobody good and hurts your cause more than it helps.

Would someone please explain the relationship between Rand, Ron, David Duke, and Stormfront? Are these co-endorsements? While not only objectionable, should Rand prevail in May the DEMS will use this type info to filet and gut him.


Yes, I support Bill Johnson. I know him. I've worked with him. He stands by those who stand by him. If all Herb, LordIndra, et al can do now is resort to attacking his supporters in order to try "guilt by association", since Johnson and his campaign are water tight,they might ought to consider breaking camp to packing it in.

I am amazed at some of the comments posted here. I agree there has been a lot of mud slinging going around to fill a "hog lot!" I am a very strong committed supporter of Bill Johnson for it is his principles and values that drew me to him. Johnson is merely answering the call of duty once more and for that I applaud him, not many are willing to make such sacrifices. I too, have been at the blunt end of attacks on various threads across the internet due to my support of Johnson. Campaign for Liberty supporters filled my emails with hate filled speech making false claims and accussations. I only asked to be taken off their mailing list as I was supporting "their" opponent with never mentioning Johnson's name. Sad that in this day and age when we are a nation being divided once again that we resort to such immature tactics of slinging arrows of hate and distain towards each other. Dr. Duncan is a credible man who like Johnson anwsered the call to serve our country and is reminded daily of his sacrifices but yet he continues to go forward and continues to serve not only KY but America for only wanting to support the candidate of "his" choice. This election will be left for the people of KY to decide. I will support HONOR-DUTY-COUNTRY any time, any where and for that reason I support Bill Johnson as our next Senator. Let's debate with rational minds and leave the name calling and the belittling to our counterparts!
I have a blog that I use as my format to endorse Johnson and have received lots of positive comments. You are welcome to vist A Patriotic Nurse! Google it, its on word press

Was Judie Brown of American Life League "lying" when said Ron Paul's bill is "pro-abortion"? I refer to the legislation that is misnamed "Sanctity of Life Act" which is expressly supported by his son Rand Paul, which says that the unborn are "persons" but states have freedom to allow abortion anyway.

It is worse than pro-choice. It is pro-abortion. Judie Brown agrees with me. Is she lying, too?

That is why I will vote for the Democrat if Rand Paul wins. Better to vote for someone who doesn't understand that the unborn child is a "person" than for someone who says it is a a "person" but states can allow abortion anyway.

My nine-year-old understands this.

Thank you for permitting me to defend myself against such absurdity, BG.

Lord Indra,
If you are referring to my post which has, apparantly, not been posted, I was honored at the Festival of Shiva in Katmandu in 1998.
Lord Indra was the King of the Cosmic God's, the most powerful of Hindu gods for a while. I suggest that I am offended that you would take a revered god for yourself. Personally, I hold greater respect for Hindus.
You want to debate, do you? Then call Bill and debate him. I'm not a candidate and you aren't a Kentucky resident. Besides, you make so many blog mistakes that you've shot your credibility.
Herb,you have no idea what you are talking about. Christi is a "young lady." We're friends. We'd been on the trail together for 3 months supporting our candidates. All five of you at that table were Paul supporters and you know it. Try honesty, Herb. It's always best.
Christi and I spoke to each other and I asked if she had Bill Johnson's Gazette. She did. As we know, she later got double crossed by David Adams and left the campaign.
My issue was when Chris Hightower charged me and threatened me. It was nowhere near Christi and only four people were present, Chris, my two witnesses, and me. You may have been at the bar.
When I was a 2MAW Force Recon RESCUE Corpsman I told a young Marine that I have no reason to fight Marines. My job was too put Marines back together.
Now, with 30 years of Martial Arts expertise and two National Championships later, I wouldn't waste my time on Hightower or any other Rand Paul supporter.
I dispatched Hightower verbally and in no uncertain terms while knowing he had a concealed .45. I think he knows I'm sniper trained, too, from my days with the SEALs. Shoot fast. Shoot accurate.
I'm no barker. The barkers are those of you who post these ridiculous Rand Paul comments.
Semper Fi! Do or die!

Where do you get your information BG, or Carey?
I attended a 9.12 meeting last night where Johnson spoke. He stated that there is no reasonable expectation of privacy when speaking on a cell phone which is broadcast via public airwaves. The Supreme Court has ruled on that, I believe. I might be wrong so please explain how. He stated that the Patriot Act needs review and revision but, as you know, we are in a War on Terrorism. My personal opinion is that when protecting the 2010 WEGs, for example, the #1 target for terrorist attack in the US in 2010, your rights to self-indulgence are secondary to the protection of my family. Whatever are you hiding? Why the air of paranoia?
He doesn't say we "declared war." Under the War Powers Resolution of 1973, Congress authorized the CIC to fund military actions against Iraq, Afghanistan, and against terrorists. Only "authorization" by Congress is needed after 60 days, not a declaration of war. They continue to authorize and fund, thus it is Constitutional.
He states his opinion on troop levels, BG. I've been around him a long time. He is quite aware that CIC determines troop strength. He simply does not agree with Obama. McCrystal wanted 80,000 minimal. Obama gave him 30,000. Bill uses his Constitution daily to base his candidacy on daily. Do you have one? You can buy his recorded Constitutions at www.kentuckybill.com .

Willie- You know what, you are right.. The article posted saying it was today, but I found out that it was actually done on Feb 4th. I should scold the article, if anyone. My apologies, it was not done intentionally.

Hey Lord Linda, better double check the source for the new poll info you posted. It's not on Rasmussen.

Herb- Well, coming from Dr. Duncan's comments to me, Im not suprised at all by this story you told me.
God bless you for your service to this country. My older brother served in the Marine Corp. The only reason I joined the Army was simply sibling rivalry and I didnt want to copy him. Thanks for your comments

This poll came from the following source and was said to have been done today:

TO ALL WHO NEED TO KNOW: Rasmussen just released poll numbers today showing Rand Paul's numbers INCREASING from last time! He has the HIGHEST "highly favorable" rating OF ANY MAJOR CANDIDATE IN KENTUCKY, DEMOCRAT OR REPUBLICAN!!! GOD BLESS KENTUCKY, GOD BLESS AMERICA, GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!! Man this news feels good!!

nathanbedford forrest
to liberty

show details 9:00 PM (21 hours ago)


As to Johnson's so-called 'special forces'...
Save your breath.

These gasconading charlatans deserve no attention what-so-ever.

I was in attendance at the Boone County Christmas dinner when an overbearing carnival barker called "Dr Duncan" taunted a young lady... I believe her name was Christi. She was simply sitting at her table with other Paul staffers, minding her own business when the sluggo, Duncan jumped out at her mocking something that Dr Paul said earlier in his speech.

What a jerk!

In observing Duncan's sophomoric performance, several (undecided) older attendees at our table, vowed their support to Rand Paul.

In my younger days this old Marine, would have moved in physical response.

As such. I'm glad that I had mellowed out at the time by two nice glasses of the hotel's wine.

It is funny to me how everyone wants to attack Dr. Paul right away. And he is the one least deserving of attacks. Trey Grayson isn't even an issue. He is a born and bred politician, and the only way he will win is if he gets to count the votes.

However, this Bill Johnson has become even more annoying than when he first started. He originally told us that he wanted to give TARP money to college students instead of the big banks. Sounds nice, but how exactly is it any more Constitutional to give the money to a group of worthy people rather than a bunch of banksters? It isn't. It sounds nice because we all want to see people going to college, but the point is, it is a distribution of money without creating wealth.

He also insists that somewhere in the Preamble (or Bill of Rights, not sure) it says that Congress has the authority to eclare abortions illegal. I'm sorry Alan and Bill, but neither Congress nor the President has that power and for good reasons too! Look at our current administration....if you gave them that power today, they would use it to make abortions legal in every state. Then places like Kentucky wouldn't be allowed to legislate anti-abortion laws.

Bill atttempted to show me several times where the Constitution allows the federal government to mandate abortion laws. He pulled his handy pocket Constitution out at least four times and thumbed through it to show me the exact phrase...but every time he was just abou to show me, he changed the subject and continued about something else.

He also attempted to show me where it says we can go to war without a declaration from Congress, explaining to me that "it says only Congress has the power to declare war....but it doesn't say WHEN." So apparently if you want to wait a year or two after you invade a country to actually declare war on them....that's fine by the Constitution.

Thanks Bill, but you sound like a politician already....for someone who has never had a government paycheck (oh wait, you did)

At least hire someone who spent his life in the private sector.

Lol, sorry, a few typos there... I meant to say IF Rand drops out... IF Johnson drops out.. Thanks

Hey, Johnson supporters:

You know what, I realize that nothing we are going to say is going to get us to agree. Lets put aside our personal differences and make an ultimatum. I will continue to support my candidate, Rand Paul, the best that I can and I am sure you will do the same for Bill Johnson...

Can I extend a very reasonable olive branch: We both can agree that we dont want a career politian and we both want REAL HOPE AND CHANGE, right? We know Johnson is a real outsider and so is Dr. Paul (his father doesnt make Rand a politician. Even Dr. RON Paul is one of the most hated men in Congress, yet known to be the most honest man in Congress). Trey is not a leader and he just wants to continue the same Republican policies that made us lose in 04,06 and 08... I pledge that I will support Johnson is Paul loses or drops out. Will you support Rand Paul is Johnson loses and/or drops out? Thank you

Well, Bill and Trey should listen to Doctor Paul on abortion and stop lying about his abortion position. But, I get it. When a candidate is so far ahead you have to throw up some speed bumps in hope to catch up.

For the actual words of Doctor Rand Paul on Abortion go here:

Wow, Dr. Duncan, that was really mature! Are you mocking a religion as a way to "discredit" me? Are you scared of debating me? Sounds alot like it, because all you did is spout off a claim/opinion with no evidence and you basically pulled it out where the sun dont shine. I can easily tell you (swear the following is 100% true) that I talk to my customers in KY and EVERY one (again, 100% true) of the 6 customers in KY that I have for my business are all voting Rand Paul so with Duncan logic, that must mean Paul is polling at 100% now!

That is silly, Dr. D, if you cant take apart or challange any of words I said, then dont say anything at all next time.

I have spoken to and met Dr. Paul and he is one of the kindest men I have ever met. I too have spoken with Bill Johnson personally and I do very much admire that alot. However, Paul is in the national headlines and is polling far above the other candidates, which means as time goes by, he is more and more busy and doesnt have time to speak to EVERY ONE. Bill does have the time, but again, I acknowledge that he is a very down to Earth person. I told you again, I gave Bill a chance to win me over and he did, I just think Paul is a bit better. Paul is a doctor, he is a christian, he is a family man, he has ALWAYS been a champion of liberty and he will make liberty popular because of his national media attention.

Last point: There is absolutely no chance on planet Earth that Bill Johnson will beat Conway or Mongiardo. I will bet my entire life savings that if Bill Johnson wins primary he will be slaughtered in the general election. Keyes ultra conservative social christian politicians ARE NEVER POPULAR ANYWHERE BUT THE BIBLE BELT COUNTIES. Keyes has NEVER won an elected officer, EVER. KY will be a Democrat state if Johnson wins and thats very unfortunate because I like Johnson.

Let me clear the air for all who may wonder if Bill Johnson is for real. I have personally known Bill for 15 years, he is a neighbor, close friend, and attends church with me. Like me, he is a Business man that loves this county and wants to see a return to goverment by the people. More importantly, Bill understands that with the wisdom provided by our creator God, our directon as a nation can be changed. Simply, that is what Bill is all about, if not I would not waste the time to type this note. J. Keith Sharp, Architect, 101 Howard Circle Elkton , KY

All of these comments are very interesting. I have a challenge to all who posted here. The debate will be put on You-Tube and I urge all who posted here to watch. You may have a change of opinion after seeing the debate for yourself. I was there and know some of these comments were outright false

I am a conservative and have watched this race closely because I want the best conservative we can get to replace Jim Bunning. It can't be Mitch's man, that is out RINOs only breed RINOs. The choice for me was Paul or Johnson as the machine has to be booted. I know David Adams, Dr. Paul's campaign manager and started there. No answer to my questions. Persistence yielded nothing. Bill Johnson answered the first email I sent himself. I was impressed. It continued and I went to hear him speak and his straight forward honesty turned me. I am now helping him and encourage you to dig in deep and leave that government education behind. We are Americans and make our own decisions. Shrink the government and Bill Johnson agrees. Nice story and it will finish the way it was written.

Lisa Graas- I have to say that I am pleased we can actually speak on a semi neutral ground where you cant block me for having unanswered points that I raise! However, I dont know why you give your physical condition as if I was going to attack you? I mean I hope God heals you and all, but.. Strange.. Anyway, also never said your blog is so powerful to anyone except me. It is powerful to me. I never even thought ANYTHING negative about Johnson until I started reading your almost unchristian like "I hate Rand Paul" blog. You told me personally that you would vote for Rand if his father didnt sponser the Right To Life bill and that you follow Reagan before anyone else. Then I gave you a link that proved Reagan didnt want to federally outlaw abortion, but to make it a state issue. Then I showed you a law where the late great Ronald Reagan when a Governer, passed a law resulting in 1 million aborted fetuses and then you blocked me. Then, every day since then you dont post about anything other than how much you hate Rand Paul personally and about anything and everything you can think of past Right To Life legislation. Then you said you will vote democrat if Paul is elected! Even a pure pro choice Democrat! If thats not irrational hatred for a man personally, even when jeopordizing values then I dont know what is...

Look, I have nothing personal against you, I have never slandered you personally, I have even tried to speak rationally to you and said we can be friends, but.. Oh well, I like Johnson, I really do, but I believe in Rand's cause and message a little more. I cannot support being the military police, unbalanced presidential powers, unconstitutional Patriot act (sacraficing liberty for security like Ben Franklin warned about) and the military industrial complex. Also, like Berry Goldwater warned, we cannot let a personal religion dictate a diverse population's policies (abortion and life being the exception). However, again, I would support Bill over 99% of other candidates out there and I still will never lie to get people to turn on Bill. Thats not in my morals to do so. We too have to follow Marcus' advice and put more boots on the ground. Rand currently has near 20,000 facebook friends and KY is the most concentrated demographic, by far. God bless!

The word in LEX is Paul's campaign is hemmorhaging. This might explain the vitriol towards and disparagement of Johnson. Will the former Paul supporters go to Johnson who treats his supporters with respect as valued voters from whom he has earned their support?

LordIndra, I am an honorary Hindu Sadu of the Shiva Protectorate Order of Brahmin following recognition at the Festival of Shivarati in Pashnupatinau, Katmandu, Nepal. Your use of the name of a Hindu god is offensive. I find your posts equally offensive.
I have already won the debate. Keep your $500.00.

Kim Hamlin-

Look, I am actually an admire Bill Johnson and have spoken to him! I swear on my life if Rand some how loses, I will support Johnson ANY DAY OF THE WEEK (yet MANY BJ supporters, including Lisa Graas, said they would vote democrat if Dr. Paul wins.. wow). My problem is his campaign tactics. Lets be 100% honest, on our very God given lives (I swear on MY LIFE what Im going to say is honest)....

Rand HAS NEVER attacked Bill Johnson. Rand's followers (go research EVERY pre October 09 article) HAVE NEVER attacked Bill Johnson. Bill Johnson's followers would go onto every blog and article comment section and BLAST with negative stuff about Rand (yes, honest to God they are misrepresentations and stretches of truth) about how he is pro choice and a libertarian and liar, blah blah. Then Bill Johnson started attacking ONLY Rand Paul, yet claimed Grayson is the true front runner. Lisa Graas's entire blog is dedicated to smearing Dr. Paul. Then you all equate Rand to his father, then call him pro choice, then call him a libertarian, then call him a liar, etc etc.

Then, next thing you know, Bill Johnson starts copying Rand's talking points (as does Grayson now too since he realizes its so popular) and positions, minus the belief in the constitutional belief in congress declaring war. Then you push uncredible polls. Then you all scream when the debate hosts CLEARLY said to hold applaus etc....
Now, the Paul supporters are absolutely fed up with it and we are fighting back. Rand NEVER even responded to the negativity until MANY of us Rand supporters told Rand to take Marcus Carey's advice of firing back at all of you! We NEVER THREW THE FIRST BLOWS! Show me one example where I am wrong?! SHOW ME?!?! You cant, you just cant. You absolutely cannot tell me in my face after REALLY and UNBIASEDLY doing research that WE are the nasty ones! Give me a break please. Im sorry, you can go research all my posts on all the forums and I never attack Grayson, EVER. Why would I only attacking Johnson?! Why, especially since he has never polled on a REAL poll more than single digits? The reason is because I DO almost take this personal because of you guys and how ruthless you are. Im sorry, I cant help it and its time we start defending our selves, like Marcus Carey has advised!

Wow. Well, I guess these comments just prove how powerful one person can be. "lordindra3", I am not "RedDiva". When I comment on blogs or use chat rooms, I use "gocatholic" or my own name -- Lisa Graas. I know Red Diva's name but I'm not going to give it to you. I'll let her decide that and since you say things like "I'm out for blood", I wouldn't recommend it to her. I will tell you all this one more time. I'm a crippled up mom of four who blogs in her spare time. Really. Conspiracy theories do not appeal to me at all. If they did, perhaps I would be supporting one of the other candidates who is known to attract people who think that way. If my blog is really as powerful as you all imply it is with your concern about it, I would think this would be evidence that the internet can be a huge factor in this race. Most of my traffic comes from Facebook. I have over 700 friends....and they have friends, and so on. There are several other bloggers besides me supporting Johnson, plus a large team of commenters. Of this whole team, I know of only one who doesn't live right here in the Bluegrass State. Johnson has a lot going for him. He is eloquent, personable, passionate, and his stand on the issues is quite appealing to Kentuckians. I think we have a wonderful chance in this election.....and Marcus is right that we are still in the early stages. Marcus is also right that we have to do more than we are doing now.....by having boots on the ground......but I think that will come soon.

Thanks Kim. Most of us Constitutionalist have done our research. Unfortunate that your candidate disagrees with that document. One, he disagrees with Ronald Reagan appointee to the Supreme Court Scalia, he agrees with Obama and Bush and that our cell phone conversations are not private and supports the Patriot Act which is very much against the Constitution. He doesn't understand what a declaration of war actually is when he says we did declare war in Iraq and Afghanistan which anyone who has followed the news knows we didn't and are thus in an Unconstitutional war. He also believes he has a say when elected Senator on troop levels. Anyone who knows the laws of our land after a war is declared troop levels falls to the authority of our Commander in chief. Too bad Bill Johnson hasn't opened that pocket Constitution.

Thank you Mr.Carey for an excellent read! It's a shame that Dr. Paul's supporters are so nasty, even though they are all sure he is winning. I do hope that once they have done real research, and find out who their candidate really is, they will be sure and vote for the only true conservative in this race. I will be sure to list your blog on my blogroll Mr. Carey, thank you again for exercising your 1st amendment rights.

***Comment did not meet terms of use***

I guess this is directed at my point.
6. The American Independant Party is distinctly different from America's Independant Party which is only about 10 years in existence.

You are right that is changed to the America's when Alan Keyes lost the nomination. It's still the same party only the Alan Keyes sect of the party. Alan Keyes couldn't make it in the Republican, American or COnstitution party so he split the Segregationist American Independent. So yes, it's roots are solid. The America's is actually only 2 years old and is a splinter off and not because of racist stances.

4. Rand did not say he started the tax payers group, on Saturday. He did say he "worked for" it though.

Again, he was the founder and chairman. I guess you haven't been active in state politics as Rand has been introduced that way many times on KET.

5. Rand also coached T-ball which he feels qualifies him to be a Senator.

I know cracks like this are funny but, not as funny as Johnson who has military experience thinking he as a Senator can decide troop levels in undeclared wars. I also think it's funny that he says he's a constitutionalist but doesn't see that we are in undeclared wars and the Patriot Act are all against the constitution. Also, I find it funny he thinks the Supreme Court would allow a national ban on abortion when Scalia (A Ronald Reagan Appointee) agrees that it is a states issue.

Dr. Duncan, I do sincerely apologize for writing 3 different posts on this blog. Its just that I re-read your last message and forget to bring up a point.

Yes, I live in Seattle with my business, however, I have family in E-town and I was stationed at Ft. Knox for 2 years and I can still vote KY. I am very much apart of Kentucky still, hence why I care so much. Im not going to reveal my full name just yet and I have reasons, but I know exactly who you are. You, Lisa, GoCatholic and RedDiva are the most famous of the "Special Forces". Again, tell me where I threatened you? Lol... I dont have a FB account, I would much rather do this on the phone, in person or via email.

Sorry, I take back one thing... I said by "stealing Dr. Paul's talking points he is getting popular all of the sudden".. I take it back because nobody knows if hes getting popular. Bill keeps touting polls that have no credibility and are not consistent with respectable polls.

Look, Mr. Duncan, if you guys believe in your own polls that show Grayson as being the leader, then why DO YOU ONLY ATTACK DR. PAUL?! You only gang up on Dr. Paul and never attack Grayson. Even after the debate Grayson and Johnson were buddy buddy. I think Grayson WANTS Johnson to beat Paul because Grayson would slaughter Johnson.

Dr. Duncan, here is my phone number 206-854-8884. Leave me a message and we can work something out. I am going to Elizabeth town in mid March. I cant meet you until then, but I still challange you to that debate any time or place, brother.

The famous Dr. Duncan? I was threatening you?! Haha, I can even cite the post you were talking about!

In Liberty Forest, I made a post that basically said how I was annoyed at all the 5-14 Bill Johnson supporters. These are the points I made:

1. That Rand and I or many supporters have never gone out and attacked Johnson EVER.

2. That Johnson and his supporters keep on spreading lies about his abortion policy and non-libertarian stances to every blog and article you can.

3. That I was upset with Lisa Graas because I never ever insulted her and that I would challange her to debates and provokative questions and she would block me or ignore me instead of challanging me.

4. That I was getting so annoyed by the same 8-13 people in the "special forces" because of how vicious they are, that I was willing to start a counter campaign, just like you were doing with Paul.

5. I even said in the forum post that I knew you would all (Special Farces) read what I wrote and that I challanged ANYONE of the Special Farces to a $500 challange debate with a promise: "If you win the debate, I will donate $500 and pledge my support to Bill Johnson, but I win the debate, you will stop spreading ANY negative lies about Paul again". What the hell is so threatening about that?!

Mr. Duncan, when did I EVER threaten you? When?! Before you make me look like a monster, why dont you actually post the link so we can see? I said I was "out for blood", meaning a fierce counter campaign, so that we can do what you have been doing to us. To pay you back for stealing Dr. Paul's talking points. Go and watch every Johnson speech from September and back and you will see that all Johnson spoke was that he was a veteran and a patriot and prolife AND THAT WAS IT!!! Now, he is copying Paul's talking points and hes getting popular all the sudden!

Look, Mr. Duncan, I will still honor that challange of a debate between you and me, but I wish we can find a way to have it moderated by neutral person.

By the way, Mr. Duncan, I too am a war veteran. Im not disabled, thank the lord, but I fought in Iraq.

To All:

Hey guys, I love the passion but....let's not turn on each other in any way. Let's debate the issues and if someone calls your candidate out on something which is not true, make the case, cite the source and refute the facts. Calling someone a liar doesn't make them one, proving the lie might actually inform them of something they do not know.

I want this debate to be educational. But if the only thing people are going to learn from your comments is that you are trying to get in somebody's face, I doubt the comment will ever get posted.

Wow! Liberty Forest is all over here! Good. Nice to have an audience.
Points to ponder:
1. What possible gain is there to be had by insulting Marc Carey? His opinion should be respected.
2. 16 years ago Bill Johnson was standing Combat Battle Stations in th Eastern Mediterranean while running the nuclear propulsion systems on the USS Virginia, CGN, in rough seas and in a war zone.
3. I use one screen name on these posts only.
4. Rand did not say he started the tax payers group, on Saturday. He did say he "worked for" it though.
5. Rand also coached T-ball which he feels qualifies him to be a Senator.
6. The American Independant Party is distinctly different from America's Independant Party which is only about 10 years in existence.
7. Don't trust public school history texts.
8. Do your homework.
9. Don't be rude or crude or become unglued in blogs read by the whole world. It makes your candidate look petty.
10. LordIndra3, I'm Dr. Duncan in Lexington. I'm one of the people you threatened at Liberty Forrest. Maybe we can resolve our differences over coffee and and crumb cake here in Lexington. Please reveal your name and location. Forget the location. We know you don't live in Kentucky already.
Do you understand you were threatening older, disabled, retired Johnson supporters, 2 of whom are in wheelchairs?
Of course you do. I published the content of the Liberty Forrest blog to the world. Remember?
Big man, next time you want to threaten someone, send a message to me on FB. I'm used to mobilizing and arriving anywhere on earth within 36 hours
Are you familiar with the term "cyberterrorism"? Just asking.


Im sorry, I think I behaved a little bad yesterday and Im sorry, I just got really passionate because I know that the Johnson head's were told not cheer yet they did anyway, that is a fact Lisa is not even refuting.

Look, I took your words wrong and after reading, I guess you could say your being fair. However, I was a little hurt because I TOLD RAND TO TAKE YOUR ADVICE OF FIGHTING BACK and I felt it was biting him. I told him how smart you are and that you give good advice.

Lastly, you will notice THESE SAME EXACT Johnson supporters here post on EVERY blog mentioning his name. Its all apart of the "special forces". Now they are told to write to all editors of news papers.

Look, the bottom line is that Bill hasnt raised more than $4000 in a quarter outside donated money and more than 4% on a legitimate poll (not a made up poll they LOVE to push). Yet, he has been running longer than any candidate. RONALD REAGAN PAC just endorsed Rand. Bill claimed Sarah Palin his woman, but she endorsed Rand. Lastly he keeps pushing fake polls.
Rand is the true Goldwater Republican. He is not a libertarian, never been supported by them. He is NOT establishment, his father is one of the most hated men in Washington and they try to push him out every year!

Lisa Grass also claimed that Rand Paul and also Ron Paul were both endorsed by Stormfront, which was a false claim.

She also accuses Rand Paul of antisemitism and every other "ism" that her peanut brain can think of.


From time to time I have checked the IP's. Yes, some of the same people post under different names and yes this is common with a lot of blogs.

But before you go pointing fingers, let me tell you, stacking the deck is not a device limited to one candidate. Supporters of all of them do it.

Lisa Grass is linking to this story.

She likes Push polls and hit pieces so idk about all this.

'call out, for instance, the racism among his supporters,' Lisa Grass comment!

This is the politics of smear and innuendo at its very worst. Rand has never expressed or endorsed ANY racist views whatsoever. The overwhelming majority of his supporters are good honest, decent hardworking people yet there are continually smeared on a constant basis. Blanket depictions/ false accusationsof racism, to me these are the last refuge of the scoundrel!
Agree/ Disagree?
I'd be interested to hear your opinion on this.......

just one word to Marcus. I hope you act on my advise.
Please compare the IP addresses of all those comments. then you will see what I mean by decietful supporters. Especially the guy who told you to quit drinking. I hope you take my advise

I know youre pretty smart guy. heres an example of what I mean

by the way a friend who was there told me the Johnson supporters were sitting strategically near the cameras and mics they were the only ones booing anything Rand Paul says and cheering on Johnson

"The Johnson campaign is starting to unravel" blog is next guys. Marcus is good at getting people to his blog.

Too bad Johnson has only raised $24,000 from others and some of his biggest donors are out of state. Not much local support. As evidence by polls and any large media even recognizing him.

Justin, are you not able to read? You and many others need to read more carefully. Carey did not call Rand an opportunist, he was reminding people of what Johnson said. In his interview with Carey last week Johnson seemed to be making that very point. Really, you need to read the words written not jump to unwarranted conclusions. The post says "He pointed out that the other two candidates were merely exploiting the opportunity created by the current atmosphere of discontent and neither should be the choice of conservative republicans. " The 'He' in that sentence is Johnson. I'm truly amazed at how few comments seem to be based on what was actually posted, a question whether Johnson's story is going to get told. And according to Carey, without a bunch of money and more organization, it won't. So what are you worried about?

I'm am absolutely shocked at your characterization of Rand Paul as an opportunist.

Dr. Rand Paul founded the ANTI-TAX group Kentucky Taxpayers United in 1994. That is 16 years ago!

Rand attended his first Tea Party 2 years ago before they became the mainstream phenomenon they are now.

Where was Bill Johnson?

“As government expands Liberty Contracts”

The real question for voters on May 18th is a simple one, how progressive do you want your Republican Nominee for the United States Senate to be?

For me the answer is easy, a vote for Bill Johnson or Trey Grayson is a vote for the progressive status quo.

@Andrew: Will I endorse a candidate?

In some races I'm sure I will very openly tell you who gets my vote. In this race, I'm not sure yet.

At this point in time I am only interested in doing a play by play or blow by blow of the campaign strategies and tactics employed by the candidates.

And I find it fascinating how volatile the situation is. The passion and energy are fun to follow.

Quite frankly, the real campaign doesn't even start until after April 15th.

This is like reporting on time trials.


I hope you keep talking about how good Bill Johnson is. I hope Paul supporters look take a second look at Johnson, he is a true patriot. I hope Bill Johnson keeps up this momentum.

LOL Marcus, I see you've met the "heart and soul" of the Rand supporters direct from Liberty Forest. I'm glad to see that they are starting to realize that Bill Johnson is a viable threat to their movement. Why else would they be acting so vehemently. They are as thin-skinned as their candidate. What will he do when the Dem's attack him? Implode!!! That's why he isn't ready for prime time.

Someone named lordinda said he is "out for blood" in reference to me on the Ron Paul Forum. I'm interested to know what that means.

Marc, I'm curious, will you endorse a candidate?

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