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January 30, 2010


"we all know how HUGE that would be [Sarah Palin endorsement] and to raise the prospect and then let people down is bad."

I wasn't let down. Sarah Palin is an embarrassment.

Go Rand!

You are welcome to add our videos from the event - the core members of Young Americans for Liberty, IU Bloomington came down to cover the event. Check out our videos - including Carol Paul telling us if her husband is going to run in 2012!:

You are welcome to embed this in your post...

WHAS said the attendance was more like 300. Video looked like the room was about 1/3 full. Also heard Rand was calling and inviting people, promising them they would not have to pay the $25.

As one of the 20 folks who was going door to door in the cold on yesterday (but I and my companion were clever enough to be prepared with hand and feet warmers), I have to tell you that we wouldn't have done that for a fellow that we don't trust. We know he can and will win.

Here is an honest man with a great message of constitutional govt by and for the people. To support Grayson is to support the same old tax and spend republican status quo. Rand is the man to get behind if we want true changes and to restore the rule of law.

Great write up, thank you! I was one of those 20 door-to-door volunteers, my friend and I drove down from Columbus, Ohio for the day. I support the cause of liberty regardless of which state we're dealing with. At this point, we need all we can get. Like Ron Paul said last night: "If you have a true understanding of liberty, everything else falls into place."

It was an honor to brave the cold for Rand-- I'd do it again in a second.

The winds of change are at category V hurricane force. There is going to be a clean sweep of the DC cesspool and coupled with the surge of 10th Amendment actions... we're going to TAKE our country back. I've had enough!!!

A Marine Vietnam veteran (we might be old but we still know how to fight)


Will you endorse Rand? We need a GOP chair on our side since the tookooky guy is so outspoken.

The WHAS report said 300 attended. They also showed a few crowd shots and it looked far from full, actually quite a small group. Considering the Paul campaign planned for 2500 even 800 as you suggest, is way short of their goal.

Hello, Here is full coverage of the event on 1.30.2010 with Ron and Rand Paul with musical guest Aimee Allen from Louisville, Kentucky.


Many thanks to bluegrass bulletin for their live coverage.

Clint H., Kentuckiana Grassroots Radio

Yeah, the campaign has put a lot of stuff out there that leaves me flat. Why stir up a Sarah Palin endorsement when there ain't one? I mean, we all know how HUGE that would be and to raise the prospect and then let people down is bad.

The atmosphere was electric! There were a lot of young people like myself there too... If all the different types of people who believe in limited government continue to pull together behind candidates like this, one day we will take our country back from socialism and bought & paid for politicians.

Events like this make me really optimistic about our future!

I saw another story that said 600 people but i took a quick head count. I think it was a lot more than 600. People kept coming in for about the first half hour. I don't know when they counted heads but I think 800 is closer.

Why the Sarah Palin hook and then no delivery? That to me is one cheap trick.

great story, thanks for braving the weather!

Rand Paul is the clear frontrunner.

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