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December 10, 2009


Hey Guys,

Libertarian from Missisippi here! I donated to Rand Paul as well, and will do so again. Also donated my high-traffic website to the Libertarian cause, after telling my Republican Senators to go 'jump in a lake' and, that their 2010 contributions are now going to Libertarian candidates at the national level. Way I see it, if we can get enough Libertarians in place to at least say 'NO' when legislation is submitted, we can start killing off more and more expensive or unconstitutional bills until we finally take back our congress and senate. Thanks Guys! And we back you all the way, Rand, Ron, Peter, and others! Our ranks are growing.

I think Rand Paul is sending a message to the Republican and Democratic establishment that we want to return to our core American values. No more big spending! No more business as usual! No more ignoring the will of the People! We want our country back before it is too late. I don't want war without end. I don't want our economy to be that of a 3rd world nation. I am tired of being lied to and ignored by the politicians. Boys, you're fired! Go, Rand, Go!

greetings from san diego california! i will be sending MORE money to Rand Paul. and to Peter Schiff in Connecticut as well.

you guys are fortunate to have such candidate as choices and with our support your representatives will be the start of a new day for governance...men with integrity. guys we like and admire. men we would gladly have to our home for a meal or a beer. cheers all, and merry christmas!


Grayson was clearly handed the belt by Mitch "Don King" McConnell and the party elite. If you consider Rand Paul the Champ from the start, then this is a precision Ali beating by Paul.

The only way Grayson even has a chance is by pulling a Mike Tyson and chewing the ear off Paul in desperation, (dirty tricks and going on a smear offensive)

Could it be that Rand Paul, like his father, has honesty, integrity, intelligence and a clear understanding of the American Constitution and how government should work. We need Rand Paul, Peter Schiff and 98 others like them. Vote only for Constitutional candidates. Nothing else will save this country from the mess the previous senators and congressmen have created.

As a member of the GOP for 35 yrs, I am sick and tired of the "Establishment" candidates and their way of voting along the same lines with the democrats and telling the people that they didn't. I now support Rand Paul and encourage all true republicans to do the same. May God Bless America Once Again!

Thanks for this. Kentucky GOP strategist Scott Jennings also said as much.

Is it over for Trey Grayson if Rand Paul wins the Q4 Money race?


Dec 16th, tea party money bomb for Rand Paul.
Pledge your support here:

Rand paul cares about the constitution. Mr. Greyson is another fake war-loving conservative who pays lip service to the constituion while supporting all the other fakes who pursue policies against it

Rand Paul R3publican 3million befor3 GAM3 DAY !! D3C 16th! T3A PARTY !!

too many boxing analogies lol

Support Rand Paul and his money bomb on the 16th of December! The fourth punch is already half way there! follow through liberty lovers!

Rand Paul!


Rand 2010

Another well written post here. Very descriptive of the campaign thus far. Let's hope we win this next round in fundraising.

God bless Rand for working so hard for our liberty! We are praying for him and spreading the word.

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