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November 12, 2009


To JP:

I confirmed before posting this article that the comment on NKy.com was in fact placed there by David Adams, Paul's campaign manager, and not posted as an alias for someone else.

Uh...a blog comment isn't an official statement from anybody, a "campaign manager" included. I think Grayson's campaign posted that comment. They can put any name and picture on it they want.

They're scared. Very scared.

How dare he use such vile language!

BTW the U.S. Senate is probably ground zero for the most butt-kissing per capita anywhere on the planet.

His idiotic campaign manager will blow it if anyone blows it. He used to write for a blog so somehow he feels obligated to talk trash online without the approval of Rand.

He needs to take that comment down and apologies and learn how to shut his mouth up. Ron Paul probably wouldn't have won, but his campaign could of did a hell of a lot better if it wasn't for incompetent staff. I hope Rand doesn't suffer the same thing.

It's seems like David Adams has grown too big for his britches. All he wants to do is quote himself and not Rand. The more he can see his name in the media he gets his rocks off.

Thanks for this.

I'll mention this at Rand Paul Forums. It'll get to the campaign that way hopefully.

We don't need to get into a taunting match.


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