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October 21, 2009


Trey sees Rand's money piling up and has gone negative. This shows us a little about his lack of integrity. Why does being a 5th gen. give only him the right to say we should elect him as our next Senator. A comment like that will certainly sway voters like me that WAS thinking about voting for Grayson. "Character is what you are when no one is watching" I have serious reservations about voting for Grayson now.

Is it true that the only campaign contribution Trey's wife has ever made to a Republican was to Trey?

Let's see, 18 years ago when Rand Paul started his medical practice in Kentucky Trey Grayson had just gotten out of high school and lived in Massachusetts where his fat cat banker father put him up at "Hah-vid". Is that when he officially changed his name from "Charles Merwin" to the more acceptably cute "Trey" so he could fit in with "Muffy" and "Babs" at the democratic soirees? Charles Merwin Grayson III accusing Rand Paul of not being a Kentuckian reminds me of watching a little school girl having a temper tantrum when some of the kids don't show up at her party after she went to all the trouble of getting a new dress.

What Grayson said was that "Rand Paul is not a Kentuckian. You know, I'm a fifth generation Kentuckian."

When I heard that, I thought Trey Grayson is the new Nellie Oleson. You remember her from Little House on the Prarie, don't you?

Here she is.


Give Trey a break. Maybe he thinks Bowling Green is in Missouri or Tennessee.

Hey Trey, why don't you just yell up the steps and ask:

"Hey Dad, Is Bowling Green in Kentucky?"

Have you ever done anything without Daddy's help?

Oh yeah, that's right, you pushed Jim Bunning out of the race, without your Daddy's help. No, for that one you had the help of your new "Sugar Daddy" (aka "rumor has it" Mitch).

That's kind of weird, dude.

I heard about this too.

It's a pretty bizarre way to attack an opponent. Most voters I think care about the integrity of the candidate and the ideals they believe in. Not, some arbitrary length of time a candidate has been in a particular geographical area.


hehehe.. wow that is quite a claim, Trey..

pretty sure Rand Paul has lived in Kentucky longer than you have been a Republican..

so are you a REAL republican?? or a democrat like you were?

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