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June 03, 2009


The fact is that this Nation was meant to be a Nation of religious freedoms. We should no more be a Christian Nation, than a Muslim one. It is this thinking that has caused a great deal of strife, especially among various religious groups.

Christians, as well as Muslims and any other religion need to remember this in their daily lives. I should no more be persecuted for being a non-believer than a believer should... and just because I do not call myself a Christian or worship in the ways they do, does not believe that I do not believe in god.

Christianity and many other religions preach tolerance, and yet they show none. If anything, we should learn to hate the crime and not the criminal... the unjustified prejudice and not the religion...

It's easy to point a finger. Start being part of the solution.

More facts to back up the fact that the United States is a Christian Nation: The CIA Factbook reports that 75% of the USA identifies themselves as "Christian".

Now, what exactly is a Christian is a whole other Blog in and of itself!

There's my $.02.

less than 3% of the American population does not in any way compose a "Muslim" country of any stature. This statement was from the same guy who claims that America is NOT a "Christian" nation even though far more than HALF of our citizens are either active in a Christian religion or at least believe in God to some degree. So if we can't consider ourselves a "Christian" nation with those numbers, we sure as hell cannot call ourselves a "Muslim" country.

34th out of what, 192? (number of members in the UN). Puts in the top 20%, meaning 4 out of 5 countries in the world have smaller Muslim populations

Obama on America “One of the Largest Muslim Countries in the World” In your dreams Buddy!

How many of those American muslims are in prison?

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