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March 27, 2009


Marc, Very nice piece. I too believe that the upcoming elections may be among the most important elections in our history. It may be our last opportunity to decide if

1) we will govern ourselves or abdicate that responsibility to others


2) we will choose to live as a free society secure in our beliefs or as a society driven by fear that opts for the security of tyranny

There are far too many people that have yet to make those choices.

I honestly do not know who your favored candidates may be, but I know you will make choices only after considerable deliberation. I hope we all take the time to do the same.

I know you have a favorite for President, I am not harping on that. Good people will disagree, and still be pushing for many of the same things. I just wanted to share with you a picture popular with RP supporters in the 2008 election, because it kind of goes with your article, this one and the one you wrote today.

And I have a variation on this shirt (you have to put your cursor over the picture on the shirt in this one to see it. ) http://www.zazzle.com/cut_the_strings_ron_paul_shirt-235890067420479872

This is a huge part of his appeal, and that of his son. And to us it is a big reason their ideas are fresh. Or old, if you look at the Constitution. They are their own men.

"dumb'ed down electorate"

How else to explain 2000 and 2004?

Nice Marc! I'm afraid that it is no longer as simple as it once was. The population at large, those who elect our leaders are not willing to learn what those whom they elect believe. They certainly are not able to anticipate their behavior once elected. You can now unfortunately create and sell an image, a persona that eclipses the reality of a mans heart and soul, and slip past the public a "wolf in sheep's clothing". All that we see today in government has been bought by someone, or some organization with an agenda unrelated to our national interest. We elect a finely polished and very expensive hologram of a person, and then act disappointed, like a child who has received an unwanted gift when we see the hologram morph into the reality that was known to those who researched the the candidate prior to voting. A am afraid my friend that we have so dumb'ed down the electorate that we will never again have governance of the people, by the people, and for the people again. The general election process is now so corrupted by special interest we may never be able to turn back. God help us!

To bad Tim McVey is not around to help out.

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