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March 27, 2009


Everyone that asked questions on the "Internet" press conference were all proven to be part of his campain. I'm sure they were fair preplanned quesitons that even a dumba$$ without a teleprompter could answer. He should know. He did inhale.

Wow. Hard to believe you researched all the way back to President Washington, and you couldn't find anything about Jeff Gannon.

Mr. Gannon, the homosexual male prostitute who was suddenly given a press pass, that no
one was able to find the issuer of said pass. The one who was called on many times by President W. Bush, to answer all sorts of soft ball questions.

I don't think we watched the same press conference. The one I watched had at least 6 un-vetted citizens asking the President what ever they wanted, off the live INTERNET.

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