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January 10, 2014


We have been out of water before but not like this. How are the people at the hospital able to keep things clean? This is a real mess and my kids are suffering. I hope you do get them to answer some questions.

EXACTLY! What is the status of the complaint you filed with the PSC? Are they going to get the people reimbursed? If businesses fail can they sue the Water Company? Are you looking at such things? This situation is deplorable. I can't believe that your county government seems to be so much in bed with the water company. Good luck to you all.

Just one more example of the backwoods, local yokel Bravo Sierra kind of response you get from political leaders in counties like this. I saw an update tonight that thanked the other so called "leaders" of other counties for donating water.

It's like your county officials are rallying around each other in a "we are all working together" kind of mentality when somebody ought to be putting a boot up the ass of the water company and demanding answers.

My cousin moved to Owen County a few years ago and called me when the paper reported that a kid who had been "hump jumping" had a wreck and crippled a girl and killed another one. What was the community reaction? They all wore black arm bands in sympathy with the wrongdoer. WHAAAAT?

The kid should have been sued, his parents sued, their precious farm taken away but instead, because the kid was from a "prominent" family, the community was in mourning for the wrongdoer.

No wonder nobody wants to spend any money trying to make Owen County prosper. When the water company screws the customers, the local government makes nice with them and says "we are working together to fix things". Bull. The water company is screwing the people and the local politicians are hugging them as they do.

Thank you Mr. Carey for telling the rest of the world what is going on down there. It's just another example of how a bunch of people with no vision can gain power and roll around in their own incompetence and claim progress.

God help you all.

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